More English Essays

More English Essays for Students

Here are some other English essays for 2nd year students. These essays serve as Essays Notes for 2nd year, 10th class and F.Sc Part II students. These are solved essays notes of 12th class and secondary students.

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List of English Essays

  1. A House on Fire
  2. A Street Quarrel
  3. A River in Flood
  4. A Picnic Party
  5. A Railway Journey
  6. Fashions
  7. My Ambition
  8. Girl Guides
  9. A Visit to an Industrial Exhibition
  10. A Visit to a Fair
  11. A Morning Walk
  12. The Happiest Day of my Life
  13. A Dream
  14. The Policeman
  15. Importance of Sports
  16. An Ideal Student
  17. A Good Citizen
  18. My Best Friend
  19. A Visit to Zoo
  20. Newspapers

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