A Visit to Zoo Essay

A visit to Zoo essay for high school students. This is a short essay on A visit to the zoo. Students can download PDF essays notes and read all the essays. Zoo is a place where we have a collection of different animals. We visited the zoo on Monday

A Visit to Zoo Essay

Zoo is a place where we have a collection of different animals. The Lahore Zoo is an old institution where there is a fairly large number of animals. It is situated on the Mall near the Jinnah Garden. In fact, it is part of this garden which is enclosed by an iron fence. It has a huge iron gate that lets in the visitors at fixed hours of the day. Inside it are grass plots and artificial hills with green vegetation growing on them.

I, with some of my friends, visited the zoo on Monday last. Paying an entrance fee of 50 rupees each, we went in. As I walked around, I found that the zoo was divided into a number of sections each containing a special kind of animals. There are lions, bears, wolves, jackals, foxes, monkeys, zebras and elephants. There are also many kinds of birds in cages, as; parrots, sparrows, pigeons, and peacocks. In the ponds, there are waterfowls like cranes, ducks, and geese.

All the animals are well looked after. The cages and traps are spacious and airy. They are kept clean and tidy. The cages of monkeys attract large crowds. The monkeys are very playful and funny. They make faces at the on-lookers. The dance of the peacock was simply charming. There are many other birds from foreign.  Their shining colors and sweet chirping amused us very much. The lions pace up and down in their iron enclosures. They sometimes roar like thunder and frighten the visitors. We soon got tired and returned home.

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