My City - Short English Essays for Junior Students

Oct 30, 2016

My City - Short English Essays for Junior Students

My City

I live in Lahore. It is the capital of Punjab province. Mughal Emperors like Akbar, Jahangir and Aurangzeb Alamgir constructed beautiful buildings and gardens here. Therefore there are many historical buildings in the city. Lahore is rightly called the city of colleges. It has many old and new colleges and universities. It is the center of trade and education. The roads are wide and clean lined with green plants and trees.
The people of Lahore are loving, hearty, friendly and hospitable. The people of all trades and races live here. The professionals from far off places visit Lahore daily for business and job. It is an international city. Many a foreigners are settled here for their jobs and business. Due to its prominence it is called the heart of Punjab. It shares it eastern border with India. It has a population of more than 10 millions.

Lahore has many parks and gardens. Jinnah Garden, Model Town Park, and Shalimar Garden are some of famous gardens of the town. I love my city.

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