A Road Accident - Short English Essays for Junior Students

Oct 30, 2016

A Road Accident - Short English Essays for Junior Students

A Road Accident

Man has made great progress in transport. Hundreds of cars, buses and trains are on the road. The life has become speedy. This high speed is main cause of accidents. These accidents bring about loss of human life and property. Our roads are also broken and rough. The drivers drive their vehicle carelessly. They try to overtake other carriages.

Last Saturday, I was going to my village by bus. Another bus was following our bus. Both of the drivers were trying to have more fares. In an effort to overtake each other, they were driving fast and recklessly. When our bus reached at Maan Wala an ass came in front of our bus. The drive was puzzled by the sudden arrival of the ass. He turned the bus. Going at a fast speed, it struck a roadside tree. The front of the bus was smashed. A woman sitting on front instantly expired. The driver also received serious injuries. Many of the passengers were injured. Someone called Rescue 1122. The injured were taken to hospital.  I received slight injuries. The bus driver was challaned.

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