A dialogue between a doctor and a patient

Here is a dialogue between a doctor and a patient about illness. The dialogue between a doctor and patient about headache and serious illness is given. 

A dialogue between a doctor and a patient

This dialogue is just an example and sample. You can write a dialogue on your own. Dialogues on different topics are also given on Zahid Notes/.

Dialogue between a doctor and patient about Headache

The dialogue starts from below:

Patient: Well, doctor, I have traveled a long distance to consult you. Would you please diagnose my disease?

Doctor: And what may be the matter with you? You are looking much pulled down.

Patient: I am very ill. I often suffer from a headache. Sometimes I feel that my heart is sinking.

Doctor: Let me feel your pulse and see your tongue. I find nothing wrong with you. Only your tongue is a bit dirty.

Patient: Why? I often suffer from insomnia. My eyesight is also beginning to fail. 

Doctor: I see - Then you must have some bad habits. You seem to lead a sedentary life. Is it a fact?

Patient: No sir, I have no bad habits except smoking. My life is quite easy and comfortable - I seldom take exercise. My diet is quite rich consisting of meat, eggs, and fats.

Doctor: There you are. Smoking is very dangerous. It is the cause of your indigestion which your dirty tongue indicates. Rich food will do you no good unless you take exercise regularly.

Patient: You suggest no medicine then?

Doctor: Well, that I'll do. Here is a prescription. Take this three times a day after meals and, have a light diet without spices chilies. Give up smoking. Take a light exercise in the open and all your troubles will be over.

Patient: Should I come again to give you the report?

Doctor: Sure. I hope your complaints will have gone till then.

Patient: Thanks

Doctor: You are welcome

Patient: Goodbye

Doctor: Goodbye

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