A dialogue between shopkeeper and customer about rising prices

This is a dialogue between a shopkeeper and a customer where they discuss the rising prices of the goods, products, and commodities of life. The conversation is about high prices and customers' bargaining power.

Dialogue on High prices and rising prices

Today, the prices of all goods and services are out of control. There are mafias behind inflation. The poor people can hardly buy the things they need in daily life.

Dialogue between shopkeeper and customer

Below is the dialogue between a customer and a shopkeeper.

Customer: Please given me 10 kg sugar, 2 kg salt, 1 kg beans, and 2-liter cooking oil.

Shopkeeper: Sure sir. Here is your order.

Customer: Where is the bill?

Shopkeeper: Here is your bill, sir.

Customer: Oh my God! so much money? Have you overcharged to me?

Shopkeeper: No sir, Not at all. We do not overcharge a penny. The bill is original.

Customer: I bought the same thing last month and the bill was 100 rupees less than this bill.

Shopkeeper: The prices of everything has risen, sir. Sugar has got 5 rupees high per kilogram. and so is the matter with cooking oil.

Customer: So, why have you not displayed a notice board about new prices?

Shopkeeper: It is still with the printing press. I ordered it 5 days ago. They told me to deliver in two days. But they are still telling that I would get it in the evening.

Customer: Oh! That is incredible. why prices have risen suddenly so high?

Shopkeeper: It is due to the rise in the price of fuel and transportation charges.

Customer: Oh I see. This is totally unfair. A poor person is already making both ends meet and then this inflation. How would a poor man manage to get everyday acidities of life?

Shopkeeper: We have already charged very nominal pice to your sir, Let me give you 20 rupees discount.

Customer: It will be a good favor.

Shopkeeper: I hope the prices will not rise for the next 5 to 6 months. Here is your discount. Now pay the bill.

Customer: Here it is.

Shopkeeper: Thanks.

Customer: Thanks and goodbye.

Shopkeeper: Goodbye.

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