A dialogue between two friends about hostel life

Below is given a dialogue between two friends /Students about hostel life. This is a short, easy and interesting dialogue about hostel life. 

Two friends meet at their college and they discuss the merits and demerits of hostel life. They discuss the facilities and charms of hostel life and the problems of hostel-living students.

A dialogue about Hostel Life

As we all know, If we have been living in a hostel, the charms, and freedom of hostel life. The importance of hotels at the college or university level.

Dialogue between two friends

Ali: How are you, Aslam. Nice to meet you. Have you got your admissions finalized?

Aslam: Yes. It is final and now I am going to apply for a room in the hostel.

Ali: Why have you decided to live at a hostel?

Aslam: My house is far away from the college. It takes me two hours to reach college.

Ali: I think you should not live at a hostel.

Aslam: Why?

Ali: You know there are all kinds of boys. Some of them may be too bad to live with.

Aslam: I couldn't understand your point. Did you mean that they are involved in criminal activities?

Ali: Yes, in other things too.

Aslam: What other things?

Ali: They may be addicted to smoking and drinking. There is a trend of ragging of juniors. So, you will not be able to live decently in such an environment.

Aslam: Have you ever lived at a hostel?

Ali: No. But I have heard a lot of such things about hostels.

Aslam: No my friend. You are actually right to an extent. There are bad boys everywhere in college. They are also in classrooms. We can decide where to keep ourselves among those bad boys.

Ali: But, if you get such type of boys as your room-fellows?

Aslam: There is a separate study hall in every hostel. No one can disturb you if you are reading in that hall. You have the right to change the room if you are not satisfied with it.

Ali: How will you manage your food and clothes washing?

Aslam: There is a hostel mess. Students are given nice food three times. Every hostel has a laundry, a tailoring shop, a tuck shop, fruit shop, and a food cafe. You can also buy anything from the Main Market of the hostel areas.

Ali: But I have heard that there is strict check and balance on the movements of students.

Aslam: Of course! hostels have their rules and regulations. But actually, they make life at hostel easy and smooth.

Ali: What do you mean?

Aslam: There are timetables for entering and leaving the hostel. For example, you have to return to your room before 12 at midnight. You have to eat your lunch or dinner during a specific time. Punctuality and discipline is a good thing I think.

Ali: Nice! I had only heard bad things about a hostel. Now I can realize that if your house is too far from the campus, the hostel is the best place to live.

Aslam: That's why I am here to apply for the hostel.

Ali: Best of Luck. I got to go now. It's my class time.

Aslam: Goodbye.

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