Dialogue between two Friends on School Memories

School life is full of memories and wonderful experiences. When school friends meet after a long time, they discuss these pleasant memories and enjoy them. The following dialogue is also between two friends who talk about their school life and the memories associated with it.

Dialogue About School Life

Now as it is a short dialogue written in simple and easy language, it is yet totally comprehensive and can also be used by both school-level and college-level students.

Friends talk about school memories

The dialogue and conversation is given below.

Friend 1: Hi! Are you Saqib?

Friend 2: Yes, but you seem to be Waqar. Aren't you?

Friend 1: Oh yes! I am Waqar. You got it all right. I really didn't recognize you at first.

Friend 2: I also just guessed. I could not really believe that you would have changed so much.

Friend 1: You too have changed. Now a good looking handsome boy.

Friend 2: Yeah! the life is the name of change. You have also grown into a decent personality.

Friend 1: But you know we used to call you a bug at school. I am really happy to see you like this.

Friend 2: Ah! the school. Those were very good days. I still remember our farewell party. We all cried like girls.

Friend 1: Did you forget the way we used to make fun of Azeem's nose, the air gun.

Friend 2: Oh yes, How is Azeem now. He was your neighbour. tell me about him.

Friend 1: He passed his graduation from Lahore College and is now doing his master's in Economics.

Friend 2: That's great. Did you ever visit the school after we passed out?

Friend 1: Yes, I went there just a week ago. I had some business with sir Numaan.

Friend 2: Wow! tell me how is our school now? How are the teachers?

Friend 1: Sir Akram has been transferred to another school. The computer lab has been established. The principal office has been shifted beside the main gate. There are some new teachers too.

Friend 2: Good. You know I always disliked our school peon. He used to meddle with students' affairs for nothing.

Friend 1: Yes. But he is still there, doing the same things.

Friend 2: I still remember our school canteen and its samosas. And the treat we did every Thursday during the break.

Friend 1: Well. Those were wonderful days. We cannot forget those moments. Anyhow, tell me about you. What are you doing these days?

Friend 2: I have applied for admission in M.Sc Psychology here. I came here for an interview.

Friend 1: Wow! amazing. I am also doing B.S hons in Psychology here. I am in 5th semester. We will be meeting daily now, I believe.

Friend 2: That will be amazing. I will have a good colleague. I was really worried about some local help to stay here. You will be good company for me.

Friend 1: Sure. Best of luck with your interview. I have to go now. See you soon.

Friend 2: Thanks. Bye.

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