A dialogue about village life and city life

 Here in this dialogue, we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of village life and city life. This is a dialogue between two friends about village life and city life.

Dialogue about village life and city life

The advantages and disadvantages of village life dialogue is given below:

dialogue about village life and city life
Now the dialogue is for class 6, class 7, class 8 and class 9 students. This an English dialogue about village life and city life. Please see the dialogue between two friends below:

Dialogue about the advantages and disadvantages of village life

The dialogue between two friends is given below:

Ali: Asslam-o-Alaikum Tariq! How are you?

Tariq: Wa Alaikum Usslam Tariq. I am fine Ali. How about you?

Ali: I am fine too. what a surprise! How are you here?

Tariq: I have admitted my father to this hospital. He fell seriously ill last night.

Ali: Oh I see! How is he now? I am sorry to hear that.

Tariq: He has got pneumonia. we have been taking him to village doctors. Now he is serious. That's why we have got him admitted here. 

Ali: Oh, sorry to hear that. This is pretty tragic for all the village people. No good doctors, no hospitals. Life is at risk all the time.

Tariq: You are right. But who guarantees safe life in cities? There are thousands of vehicles on the roads causing serious accidents and killing hundreds of people daily. 

Ali: That is true but cities have hospitals with all facilities. One can get to a hospital quickly in case of an emergency and lives can be saved. Villagers have to travel to the city for treatment and a lot of time is wasted on the way. That is why many patients die due to late arrival in hospitals.

Tariq: You are right. But I prefer village life due to its simplicity and peace. People know each other. They help each other in bad times. The road is now paved we have no transportation issues at all.

Ali: I know the infrastructure of villages has improved in the recent decade. But in the city, one has easy access to all amenities. There are gas and electricity connections in every house. Good schools and colleges are located nearby.

Tariq: You are right. But cities have polluted environment which causes many diseases. There is noise pollution due to traffic and machines. Villages are peaceful with pure air, water, and atmosphere.

Ali: But a bright future is associated with cities. Here one can find many employment opportunities. There are hundreds of part-time jobs one can do with the main job. A huge number of villagers are shifting to cities.

Tariq: That is why cities will no longer be good to live in near future. City administration will be unable to handle such a huge population. There will be problems like unemployment, traffic accidents, traffic jams, and packed schools and hospitals due to overpopulation.

Ali: Yes, sometimes I feel the same. But I am not satisfied with the facilities in the villages. There should be good schools, colleges, and hospitals in villages so that people may not shift to cities.

Tariq: That is why the govt is taking interest in rural development. We have to do something on our own too.

Ali: Both village life and city life have some advantages and some disadvantages.

Tariq: But villages would have been more liveable if all facilities like good roads, good schools, colleges, and hospitals are available in villages. There must be factories and industries far off from cities. The people of the village can find easy access to employment and cities can avoid pollution in this way.

Ali: Good idea. Let's see what happens in the future. I think I should see your father. Let us go.

Tariq: Sure. Let me take park my bike and we go.

Ali: Sure.

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