A dialogue between two friends about overpopulation

 English dialogue between two friends about overpopulation has been given here. The short but comprehensive dialogue covers the effects of overpopulation. The increasing population of the world may have bad consequences on the world.

An English dialogue between two friends about overpopulation 

The conversation between two friends about the rising population of the world has been beautifully discussed here in this dialogue. The students can learn this dialogue to use in papers.

Conversation on overpopulation

(Bilal sitting in the garden, Saad looks at him, he walks toward him and sits with him on the bench)

Saad: Hi Bilal, How are you dear?

Bilal: Hello Saad, I am fine, what about you?

Saad: I am good too; don't you have work today?

Bilal: My shift is off today, I came here to relax my mind.

Saad: So, what is your plan for this Eid?

Bilal: I have no plans in real.

Saad: Why you are not going to your hometown? Once, you mentioned it.

Bilal: I will stay here in my apartment; all the seats of railway and airplanes are booked already. I tried my best to get one but failed.

Saad: Yes, a lot of people are going to their home places because of Eid. Seats for the whole week are booked already. This is because of overpopulation and fewer resources in the country.

Bilal: You are right. The population is increasing so badly, even if one wants to visit somewhere in case of emergency even; one can’t. The resources are getting limited because of the increasing population.

Saad: Yes, the population is not only causing the transport issues. It comes with a lot more issues and problems.

Bilal: What kind of problems, Saad?

Saad: Because of the population problem, society is facing educational problems, health issues, shelter issues, and pollution too.

Bilal: Do you think that it can be controlled?

Saad: Yes, personally I think the government should take account of the population issue, increase awareness in the people using different platforms about overpopulation and its bad effects.

Bilal: Yaa, this may be helpful. However, the education community will easily get the point.

Saad: If the population will control a lot of national and international issues will be easy to handle.

Bilal: Yes, people should be aware especially in the uneducated areas, lack of knowledge is the main issue behind overpopulation.

Saad: Yes, this is correct. We are celebrating the Eid party this weekend. Will you come and join us?

Bilal: It will be a great pleasure for me. I am also free these days because of Eid vacations.

Saad: I have to go now. Hopefully, see you later.

Bilal: Yes sure, Goodbye!

Saad: Take Care, Goodbye!

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