A Dialogue Between Two Friends About the Wastage of Water

This dialogue is also part of the English smart syllabus of 1st year for the year 2021. Now the conversation between two friends, between mother and daughter, between father and son etc is given. The dialogue covers the issue of wastage of water and the shortage of water.

The dialogue between two friends about the wastage of water

The dialogue is given below:


(Ahmed passes through the street, waves at it, who is standing on the door of his house.)

Ahmed: Hello Ali! What's up, brother?

Ali: Hey Ahmed! Nothing, mate. I just came out to smoke a cigarette. Where are you going?

Ahmed: I am going to the market. Dad has asked me to buy groceries.

(Ahmed moves and sees a tap leaking, just beside Ali’s door and addresses him.)

Ahmed: Ali, whose null is this? From which supply is it connected, residential water supply for the area?

Ali: Oh, yes. Ahmed, who has now passed away, got it installed here for charity purposes.

Ahmed: Do you see its tap is leaking? Look how much water is being wasted! You should have got it repaired.

Ali: Buddy, it does not concern me in any way.

Ahmed: Pardon me but you are mistaken here. We all depend on water for our lives. And all water comes from the same source. Why someone who drinks water should remain unconcerned about water wastage!

Ali: I don't understand you, Ahmed. Would you please tell me what you want to say?

Ahmed: Look! We live in an agricultural country. Our economy. Our lives. They all depend on water. Water is the source of our lives. It sustains us.

Ali: Oh, I got it. But how can a single tap be causing damage to our economy?

Ahmed: Of course, this is really something to learn. Do you think this is the only tap leaking in this country?

Ali: No, there must be a thousand others in every street.

Ahmed: So if we calculate the whole damage, don't you think they are against the benefits of all of us?

Ali: I do think, Ahmed.

Ahmed: Please try to buy a new tap for this null and fix it so we can contribute to the economy of our country. If you need money for the tap, take them from me. But please favor me by doing so.

Ali: No no, thank you, Ahmed! I have the money. Thanks for drawing my attention to this serious issue. I will finish this task today.

Ahmed: Very well, friend. I know you are a sensible young guy. That's why I said this to you. I must leave for the market now. I am already late.

Ali: For sure, buddy. Goodbye!

Ahmed: Goodbye, dear!


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