dialogue between two friends about unemployment

 The dialogue has been written in the context of Pakistan. But the students of any country can use this dialogue in their own context. The popular dialogue topics are evergreen in every society. The conversation between two friends about unemployment is given here.

A dialogue between two friends about unemployment

The dialogue starts from below:


(Ahmed meets Ali at a teashop after coincidentally finding him sitting at the table behind him.)

Ahmed: Hey Ali! How are you? It's been a long since I saw you. Where were you? Everything alright?

Ali: Hi, Ahmed! Yeah, I am perfectly fine. You could not see me because I seldom stepped out of my room last month.

Ahmed: Really? Why?

Ali: You know my degree is finished. I am looking for a job now, preferably a government job. I was preparing for it.

Ahmed: Did you apply somewhere?

Ali: I had applied for PPSC. However, the paper got canceled because it was leaked.

Ahmed: I feel sorry for you. You must have had good preparation. Unemployment is rapidly growing and causing distress among youth.

Ali: Of course, a student completes his graduation so he can be a good person and sustain his family. But it is closer-to-impossible to find a job here.

Ahmed: I should sadly agree with that. The government sector is already stuffed with employees. The private sector is largely exploitative.

Ali: Yes, government sectors have strict competition. Whereas, private sectors have several career uncertainties.

Ahmed: What causes unemployment? What do you think?

Ali: I must say: bad governance, corruption, economic inequalities, nepotism, and favoritism.

Ahmed: What should be done?

Ali: I think meritocracy should be ensured. The government should keep creating opportunities for youth in sectors. And also to reduce corruption in departments.

Ahmed: I think so. However, I still ask you to keep struggling. I am hoping to see you as an officer one day.

Ali: God willing, friend! I must go now.

Ahmed: Sure, Ali. Promise me that you will visit me again.

Ali: Hahaha, promised! Goodbye!

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