Dialogue between friends on cyber crimes

This is a dialogue between two friends about cyber crimes. You or your friend is a victim of cyber crime and you discuss it yourself. So, this dialogue gives deep information about cyber crimes.

A Conversation about Cyber Crimes

A conversation and a dialogue about cyber crimes is given below in good length for college-level students, Anyhow if you want it a short one, you can skip some dialogues accordingly.

Dialogue Between two friends

Akbar: Hello Fahad! How are you?

Fahad: Hello! I am fine. Thanks.

Akbar: You seems a little sad today? What happened?

Fahad: What should I say? Akram, my cousin, has been arrested by the police.

Akbar: Oh, What! Why?

Fahad: He is charged with cyber crimes. The police say he cheated the people by pretending to be an agent of Jazz Telecommunication Company.

Akbar: Oh! so sad to hear it. Have the police any proof?

Fahad: They have many indeed. I think they are right. He has been suspicious to me too.

Akbar: Very sad. How did he do that?

Fahad: He phoned the people and told them that he was an agent of Jazz. He asked them to tell him the OTP they had already received on their phone. In this way, He stole money from people's jazz cash accounts.

Akbar: Oh I see. I think phone calls frauds are not under cybercrimes rules.

Fahad: They are my dear. Any fraudulent act or deception on social media, the internet, mobile phones etc all are cybercrimes.

Akbar: So, what about Akram now?

Fahad: We had applied for bail but it was rejected. I think he will be given prison punishment for two years with Rs 300, 000 fine.

Akbar: That is very tragic.

Fahad: But I think he deserved it. He looted as much as Rs 400, 000 from various people.

Akbar: O I see. I think we must be aware of such fraudulent phone calls and should report them to the company. We should not give any information to them at any cost.

Fahad: Sure. There are many types of fraud, blackmailing and threats being done through the phones and internet.

Akbar: What acts come under cyber crimes?

Fahad: Having illegal access to other social media accounts, computers, phones and laptops in order to steal personal information like pics, messages, passwords, etc. Blackmailing anyone over their sensitive information, spreading false news about someone, and harassing others on the internet all come under cyber law in Pakistan.

Akbar: Wow, I didn't know it before.

Fahad: There is a complete law for cyber crimes in Pakistan. You can record your report on FIA's website and they investigate the matter and arrest the culprits if found guilty.

Akbar: Thanks. How can we avoid such crimes?

Fahad: Well, there are no hard and fast rules. You can tighten your privacy settings, keep strong passwords on all of your accounts, do not give any personal information to anyone unless you know whom you are giving it to, not post sensitive information on social media, use some internet security program, always open only secured sites etc.

Akbar: Thanks once again. Now I have to leave.

Fahad: Thank you. Goodbye.

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