A dialogue between tailor and customer regarding stitching

Below is given a dialogue between a tailor and a customer about the stitching of the clothes before the eid. If your tailor does not stitch the clothes in time what will you do? 

Of course, it will be an unhappy occasion for you. So, in what way will you tackle your tailor? The given dialogue gives you a sample conversation and you will have an idea after reading this.

A dialogue between a tailor and a customer

Tailor: How may I help you, sir?

Customer: I want to buy some cloth for a suit.

Tailor: Sure sir. Come in here.

Customer: Thanks. Let me see a good quality suit for a wedding ceremony.

Tailor: Which colour would you like to take?

Customer: I would prefer a light blue colour.

Tailor: Here is a variety of suits in light blue colour. You can choose one from it.

Customer: How much will I pay for a suit from it?

Tailor: This is Rs 20 per meter.

Customer: How much will require for my suit? Here are my measurements.

Tailor: You should buy 5 meters.

Customer: OK. but the price is too high. Can you give a discount?

Tailor: If you want to get it stitched from us, we will give you a discount of Rs 20.

Customer: So nice of you. Here is the money. Please stitch it by 15 of this month.

Tailor: Ok Sir. would you like double stitching or single?

Customer: I would like double stitching.

Tailor: How many pockets and the types of buttons would you prefer?

Customer: Please attach the simple but fine buttons and make three pockets.

Tailor: Fine! but can you give us two more days for stitching as we have already a decent workload?

Customer: No, I have to attend a wedding function on 16th. So, I must get my suit before the wedding day.

Tailor: Ok. you will get it on 15th then.

Customer: Thanks. Goodbye

Tailor: Nice to have you here sir. Goodbye.

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