A dialogue between a traffic police and a driver

This is a dialogue between a traffic police constable of an officer and the taxi driver or a stranger. The stranger taxi drives comes up with a traffic Warden and they have a conversation which is given below.

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A Dialogue between a traffic police Warden and Driver

The drivers are usually in the habit of rash driving so they are often challaned for this. The traffic police officers perform their responsibilities in keeping the traffic flowing smoothly.

A Dialogue between Traffic police and Stranger

The dialogue is given below


Traffic Warden: Where is your seat belt?

Driver: Sir, I am sorry. I forgot to wear a seatbelt. I just wear it.

Traffic Warden: No. You were driving without a seatbelt. So, you are going to pay a challan here.

Driver: How much it is?

Traffic Warden: It is Rs 500.

Driver: Please sir, I am an ordinary taxi driver. I cannot pay such a heavy fine. I hardly earn Rs 500 a day. I request you to let me go. I will not forget to wear a seatbelt again.

Traffic Warden: So, you mean I should let you go without charging any fine?

Driver: Sir, I am a poor man. I always wear a seat belt but I don't know how I forgot it today.

Traffic Warden: OK. Now you will not forget again. I am cutting a challan of Rs 500.

Driver: Sir, I told you the reason. I cannot pay such heavy fine. Can you forgive me this time?

Traffic Warden: Law and rules are equal for everyone. You broke the rule by not wearing a seat belt. If I do not fine you, then I would break the rule. That is why the traffic in our cities so unruly.

Driver: Kindly charge me less if you are determined to charge. I would say, I can only pay Rs 200.

Traffic Warden: That could be possible. But be careful next time. I am going to give you a challan of Rs 200.

Driver: Thanks sir. I will be careful next time.

Traffic Warden: Here is your challan.

Driven: Thanks, sir.

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