A dialogue between two friends planning holidays

Here is a dialogue between two friends about the holidays. The students and friends together often plan to spend holidays or a weekend in a special way. This conversation between two friends will show you how you can write a dialogue between two friends who are discussing their planning for holidays and trips.

A Dialogue between two friends about the weekend plan

Asad: How are you Faheem?

Faheem: I am a fine dear friend. What about you?

Asad: I am fine too. What do you plan to do for the coming weekend?

Faheem: Nothing special. Perhaps, I will write a poem for the magazine.

Asad: Oh, so you are still writing poems for that magazine. Nice. But I have another plan.

Faheem: What's that?

Asad: I and Junaid have decided to go for a picnic this weekend. Actually, we have also invited Ahmad and he will also join.

Faheem: Wow, where you plan to go? I mean some park etc?

Asad: No, we have decided to go Indo-Pak border on the edge of river Satluj near Kamran's village.

Faheem: Wow, good. May I join you people?

Asad: Sure. In fact, I have come here to invite you to this trip. We all will go by Junaid's car. After reaching his village Kamran will also join us.

Faheem: That sounds good. Tell me when we will depart?

Asad: We will depart Friday at 4:00 PM. We will reach there almost in two to three hours.

Faheem: What should I pack? And for how long we will stay there?

Asad: We will reach in the evening there. We will have a lovely nice night there and then in the morning, we will to go to the border with our luggage and picnic items. We will enjoy all the day there. We will have a bath in the river and do fishing.

Faheem: Then we will be back here in the evening I guess.

Asad: No. Kamran's parents have asked us to stay for two nights and we are planning the same. We will come back Sunday morning.

Faheem: Good. So I think I should put at least two suits in my bag. And a pair of slippers too. Right?

Asad: Right. And contact me on Friday and keep your phone on. We will be discussing and coordinating on the phone. Ok?

Faheem: Sure. I will be ready. Thanks.

Asad: Now I have to leave. See you.

Faheem: Allah Hafiz

Asad: Allah Hafiz

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