A dialogue between two friends about Coronavirus in English

This is a dialogue between two friends about COVID-19, Coronavirus. The two friends had a discussion about Coronavirus and they talked about everything like Lockdown, economy, condition of poor people, and unemployment caused by Coronavirus. So, this is actually a well informative dialogue between two friends about coronavirus.

Dialogue between two friends about Coronavirus

Adil: How are you, Ali?

Ali: I am fine dear. What about you?

Adil: I am fine too. What are you doing these days? I mean schools are closed due to Coronavirus and there is a complete lockdown. We all have to stay at home. So, ho do you spend your time at home?

Ali: Nothing special dear. Life has become dull and boring without anything to do. I don't see any good job I can do at home.

Adil: Same the case is with me. Anyhow, I have started online teaching. That's a good activity and time passes well.

Ali: That's a good idea. But I cannot teach, you know. I am not a born teacher. What you suggest I do?

Adil: You can make a youtube channel and make videos to earn money.

Ali: That's a good idea. I am already good at editing videos. But all this lockdown. No chance to go out and shoot. Do you think that the situation will become better after May?

Adil: Nothing can be said for sure. The cases are increasing day by day in Pakistan. There is not ay sure way of treating the disease.

Ali: Yes, all we can do is staying at home and avoiding gatherings. I have also kept good sanitizers at home and all members of my family wash hands frequently, especially after coming from the outside.

Adil: You are right, we should go out only when it is very crucial and wear facemask every time we go out.

Ali: What are the common very early symptoms of the disease? I know only a few.

Adil: Feelings of disturbance in the throat, cough, pain in the back eyes, sore throat, etc are very early symptoms of the disease. Any how difficulty in breathing, severe pain in the throat is advanced, and very dangerous symptoms.

Ali: Thanks. I have heard that COVID-19 destroys the lungs and the person dies in days.

Adil: Yes you have heard right about the disease. The virus enters the respiratory tract through the mouth or nose. It reaches the lungs and starts reproducing there. It infects the lungs and the person feels difficulty in breathing. But the death ratio is very small. Only the people with weak immunity, aged people and the persons who already have some lungs problem die with this disease.

Ali: That means we are safe.

Adil: No. We are not safe if we do not take precautionary measures before and after the disease. First of all, we have to save ourselves from the infection. If we get this virus in our body and we come to know about it early. We can save our life by drinking hot water, inhaling hot water vapors through nose and mouth twice a day, gargling with warm salty water, washing hands frequently with a good sanitizer, and staying in pollution-free environment.

Ali: Wow! you know much about this bloody virus and its solution. Thanks. I have to go now. I am getting late. As have to bring these articles to home for dinner.

Adil: It's Ok. Take care.

Ali: Goodbye

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