Dialogue between a passenger and conductor in English

The dialogue between a bus conductor and a passenger is given below. This Dialogue is in English and this is the best Dialogue composition for grade 5 to grade 10 students. This dialogue is in English. The dialogue is good length for weak, average, and brilliant students. The bus conductor is in the bus and the passenger is also in the bus and they are having a conversation while the bus is running on the road.

A Dialogue Between a passenger and a bus conductor

Conductor: Is there anyone without a ticket?

Passenger: Yes, here I am. Give me a ticket, please.

Conductor: Sure. Where will you go?

Passenger: Muslim Town Stop No. 3

Conductor: Please pay Rs 45 for the ticket.

Passenger: What? Rs 45?

Conductor: Yes, the ticket to Muslim Town Stop No. 3 now costs 45 Rupees.

Passenger: But I paid Rs 40 to another Bus the day before yesterday for the same distance and route.

Conductor: It seems you don't watch TV. The prices of diesel rose Rs 8.00 per liter. That's why the company has raised the fare to Rs 5 per every 5 Km.

Passenger: Oh I see. But Show me the new fare menu of the company and show me the notification.

Conductor: Here it is pasted behind the seat.

Passenger: Ok. Nice. Here is your Rs 45.

Conductor: Here is the ticket.

Passenger: Thanks. And could you please ask this man to stop smoking. The smoke is disturbing us. You follow your company's order of new fares from the very first day but when will you follow your company's 'No Smoking' policy.

Conductor: We do follow all policies, sir. I have already asked two passengers to stop smoking. They are the people who belong to villages or they are illiterate and hence cannot read the signs saying 'No smoking'

Passenger: OK. But please make sure that this person sitting beside does not smoke.

Conductor: Sure sir. I am just asking him to quit.

Passenger: Thanks: And when we will reach Muslim Town.

Conductor: It's 4 KM from here. We will be there in just 7 to 10 minutes.

Passenger: OK. Thanks.

Conductor: Have a nice Journey, Sir.

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