A dialogue between two friends about choice of profession / Subjects

This is a short dialogue between two friends about the choice of profession. This is a short dialogue between two college friends about which career is best for them. The dialogue is a part of English syllabus of 1st year and 9th class students. You can learn and read more dialogues here.

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 A dialogue between Two Students about Profession

Here is a dialogue between two students who are discussing their career options. Nowadays it is common to plan one's career. Hence this dialogue is very effective for students.

The dialogue between two college students about career

Students 1: Hi Asad, how are you today?

Students 2: I am quite fine my dear. What about you? You look so upset today.

Student 1: Yeah I am a little bit confused about my future. I am unable to decide what should a choice between the Math and Biology.

Student 2: Oh, I see. What you think is best for you?

Student 1: My father is a doctor and he wants me to become a doctor. He has advised me to study Biology in college. I have attended a few lectures of Biology but I don't think I like it.

Student 2: So, you are interested in Math. Aren't you?

Student 1: No, not really. I am interested in IT and Computer. You know I love to be among technological products. I have a handsome knowledge about internet and networking. I want to become an IT engineer. But my father won't allow it.

Student 2: Oh, that's really sad. Have you talked to your father about it?

Student 1: No, not yet. I fear he will insult me. Actually, I am afraid of talking to my father about it.

Student 2: Look, this is the matter of your future. You must talk to your father about it. Just try to convince him to accept your point of view.

Student 1: I don't want to become a doctor. SO, why should I study biology?

Student 2: There are other fields like fisheries, agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, genetic engineering, horticulture etc you can go in with biology as your major.

Student 1: I think engineers can create something new but doctors won't. So, that's why I want to become an engineer.

Student 2: All professions and all fields are of high scope if you work hard and apply innovation. You can still study biology and become a genetic engineer if you have interest.

Student 1: Is it possible with biology as a major in 1st year?

Student 2: Yeah it is.

Student 1: First of all let me talk to my father to know if he allows me to study Math. Otherwise, I will study biology to go into Genetic Engineering.

Student 2: Yeah, sure.

Studnet 1: Thanks for your time and suggestions friend.

Student 2. It's my pleasure. Take care.

Student 1: Have a good day.

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