A dialogue between two friends about choice of profession / Subjects

The dialogue between two college students about the choice of profession

This is a short dialogue between two friends about the choice of profession. This is a short dialogue between two college friends about which profession is best for them. The dialogue is a part of English syllabus of 1st year and 9th class students. You can learn and read more dialogues here.

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A dialogue between Two Students about Profession

Students 1: Hi Asad, how are you today?

Students 2: I am quite fine my dear. What about you? You look so upset today.

Student 1: Yeah I am a little bit confused about my future. I am unable to decide what should a choice between the Math and Biology.

Student 2: Oh, I see. What you think is best for you?

Student 1: My father is a doctor and he wants me to become a doctor. He has advised me to study Biology in college. I have attended a few lectures of Biology but I don't think I like it.

Student 2: So, you are interested in Math. Aren't you?

Student 1: No, not really. I am interested in IT and Computer. You know I love to be among technological products. I have a handsome knowledge about internet and networking. I want to become an IT engineer. But my father won't allow it.

Student 2: Oh, that's really sad. Have you talked to your father about it?

Student 1: No, not yet. I fear he will insult me. Actually, I am afraid of talking to my father about it.

Student 2: Look, this is the matter of your future. You must talk to your father about it. Just try to convince him to accept your point of view.

Student 1: I don't want to become a doctor. SO, why should I study biology?

Student 2: There are other fields like fisheries, agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, genetic engineering, horticulture etc you can go in with biology as your major.

Student 1: I think engineers can create something new but doctors won't. So, that's why I want to become an engineer.

Student 2: All professions and all fields are of high scope if you work hard and apply innovation. You can still study biology and become a genetic engineer if you have interest.

Student 1: Is it possible with biology as a major in 1st year?

Student 2: Yeah it is.

Student 1: First of all let me talk to my father to know if he allows me to study Math. Otherwise, I will study biology to go into Genetic Engineering.

Student 2: Yeah, sure.

Studnet 1: Thanks for your time and suggestions friend.

Student 2. It's my pleasure. Take care.

Student 1: Have a good day.

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