A Hockey Match English Essays for Students

A Hockey Match English Essays for Students of 10th class

A Hockey Match

Last Sunday our hockey team played a wonderful match against Youth Hockey Club. All of them were wearing beautiful red and white kits. The match started at 9 A.M. In first-half, the Youth Club controlled the game for the first 10 minutes. They scored a fantastic goal against our team.  Their supporters raised slogans. Our team made a terrific move and fought back. They continued attacking for the next 20 minutes. Our center forward scored a wonderful goal just before the end of the first half. The score was equal upto break.

When the second half started, our forward kept the ball in their control.  Our team played like a team and attacked many times on the opposition. The viewers were flying mini-flags and singing excited songs. Supporters of either team wanted some more goals to make the match decisive end.

Both teams played very well.  They got many opportunities to lead the score.  Match remained thrilling till the end of the second half.  Just before the final whistle of the match, our center forward took the ball. He reached the top “D” of the opposition side.

He passed the ball to the outside left who dispatched it towards the goal with a flick. One of our players, who was standing near the goal, tapped the ball to score the winning goal.  The crowd went wild at the victory of our team.  In the end, prizes were distributed and we came back victoriously.

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