My Last Day At School English Essay for Students

My Last Day At School English Essay for Students of 10th class


The first and last day at school is of unique significance for students. My last day at school is still fresh in my memory. There are many memorable things associated with my school life. Whenever I recall my last day at school, I become very emotional.
It was a fine day of February 26, 2017. I took my breakfast and wore special dress and outfit. Then I left for school where calls IX had arranged a farewell party for class X. The hosts warmly welcomed the guests at the school gates. All of the boys were dressed up in glowing clothes. Everyone was in gay mood.
The school was off due to the function. So, there were only teachers and the students of secondary section. We were made seated at the school hall which was beautifully decorated. We had had a friendly chat before the event had started with the recitation of Holy Quran.
The comparer welcomed all the participants. The program was consisted off of variety of shows. Some students sang very good songs. A group of students played a comedy drama which was a marvelous one. Parody of some famous people was a hit item. Some of our juniors also read farewell poetry. We had a poetry competition with our juniors. At the end, our honorable headmaster made a speech. He advised all the students to work hard. He prayed for our success and bright future. A group photo was also taken.
Then we were served with hot lunch which consisted of many items. I still remember the festivity of that occasion. It showed the love of our juniors for us. After that, we all strolled around and had group selfies.

I felt strange when I was standing as the school gate looking at the school building with tears in my eyes. I could not help crying silently. I had to leave the place I loved and was proud of.  I left for home with heavy heart.

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