English Multi Topic General essay

Multi Topic Essay for 2nd year and B.A Student is here. This essay is general and can use any topics that come under any social issue. This essay is not clear and to the point with reference to a specific topic.
In case you want to get good marks, do not learn this essay but learn a separate specific essay for all topics. So, I have just given this essay on the demand of many students. I do not take responsibility if you get zero marks by writing this essay in final exams.

English Multi Topic Essay

This essay covers the following topics:
i. Corruption
ii. inflation
iii. over-population
iv. environmental pollution
v. smuggling
vi. illiteracy
vii. drug addiction
viii. beggary
ix. bribery
x. violence
xi. poverty
xii. political instability
xiii. economics crisis
xiv. nepotism
xv. social and economic crisis (problems)

The All in One (1) Essay

_______ is a major problem in backward and developing countries. It indicates our moral, social and religious downfall. It is really shameful that in spite of being a nuclear power, we are far behind other nations in the way of morals and faith. Many factors are responsible for _______. Illiteracy, false ideas of society are the major cause of this social evil. However, a close analysis reveals that craze for wealth and power in the base of all kinds of  ________. People have become greedy and selfish. They do not know the virtue of love, sympathy, and sacrifice.

_______ have become the most important problem of all the third world countries like Pakistan. It is full of the danger of evil impacts. It destabilizes and demoralizes the nations and gives birth to depression and frustration in the society and state. 

It creates and spreads the feelings of uncertainty, instability, and insecurity among the masses. If it creeps in society, it eats into its vitals and some root out its inner strength. it destroyed it out splendor, economic prosperity, social peace, and national unity.

 Consequently, a nation's image is spoiled in the whole world. Lawlessness becomes the order of the day due to poverty, corruption, violence, indiscipline and mass illiteracy. it is not effectively, properly and promptly checked. A nation's judicial, moral and economic parameter will be collapsed.

_______ is highly dangerous and destructive for an economically weak and politically unstable country like Pakistan. If the evil of _______ is not nipped in the bud it may spread like a bush fire and engulf the whole nation or region like an epidemic. _______ badly shatters people faith in institutions and supremacy of the constitution. it deprives masses form mental, physical spiritual, moral and economic health. It also paves the way for bloody revolutions and military take-overs.

The main causes of ______ are illiteracy, poverty, economic policies of the government and man's burning desire to become rich and bigwig overnight. ______ creates economic pressure and social and economic injustice. Feudalism, capitalism and inequitable distribution of wealth and opportunities, unavailability of requisites of life and fundamental rights also spread _______.

Unavailability of education, health care, and jobs also paves the way to spread ________. External factors such as foreign agents and agencies play a role in spreading _________ for the sole purpose of destabilizing Pakistan.

In the end, we can say that our officers, as well as the scholars, educationists, political parties, NGO and national mass media, should contribute to uproot this problem for the safety and well being of the common man. Only then we can truly become a free dignified nation.

Note: I do not recommend this essay to the students.

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