My Ambition English Essay

My Ambition Essay

Here is an essay on "My Ambition" for 2nd year Students. This Essay is also "My Aim in Life". A man Without ambition cannot progress in life. Choose from the list of English Essays for 2nd year students and read all.

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My Ambition Essay

A man without any ambition cannot progress in this world. He achieves nothing in life. He has no goal or destination. He does not have any desire to make a start. He tosses about like a straw in the wind. So, every young person should have an ambition for his career.

It is a fact that progress, peace, and prosperity are the result of human ambitions. It is the ambition that urges us forward. But simply having an ambition is not enough. Ambition must be backed up by continuous efforts to achieve it. If a man sets an ambition before him but does nothing to achieve it, will never achieve anything. His ambition is no more than an unreal dream.

There are as many aims as men. The nature of ambition is different from man to man. It depends upon his family background, upbringing, economic position, and social status. Some people want to be doctors, other to be engineers or civil and military officers. The ambition of some other persons is to earn wealth and fame that even after their death their names live on. Thus we find people striving to become up sportsmen, poets, novelists, artists, educationists, film stars etc.

As for myself, the sole object of my life is to lead a life of simplicity and goodness. therefore my ambition in life is to become a teacher. I have my own reasons for this. First, about fifty percent of the people in my country are illiterate. They are all in ignorance. By becoming a teacher, I will be able to remove illiteracy and ignorance. Secondly, though teaching is not paying profession, yet it is one of the noblest profession. The best people in the world are those who learn to teach others. This profession will enable me to translate into my life the principles of simple living and high thinking. I hope to perform this stupendous task. Thirdly this profession calls for a sense of dedication and missionary zeal. I possess both the qualities beyond measure. Fourthly, I will serve my country by producing better citizens. The students of today are citizens of tomorrow. By being a teacher, I will be able to make my humble contribution to the building of my nation. I will also be able to inculcate a sense of patriotism, nationalism, and responsibility in my students.

In the light of above-mentioned reasons, I am convinced that my decision is right. I will, therefore, leave no stone unturned to achieve this ambition of my life.

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