My Aim in Life - To be a doctor - English essays for Junior Students

My aim in life short essay for junior level students. This is equally best for primary and elementary level students. My aim in life short essay is written by Zahid Notes. This is also an essay on 'My Ambition. 

My Aim in Life – to be a doctor

Life without an aim is just like a body without a brain. An aimless life is hard to manage. It is lifeless life. I have an aim to become a doctor. The inspiration for this aim came from my elder brother who is already a good doctor of the town. I am really impressed when people come to him with good wishes and thankful eyes. I want to become a doctor not for the money and prestige it gives but for the satisfaction and peace it brings for the mind. I am studying in my secondary school level with biology as major. I am trying hard to be able to get A+ grade in my final exams. It will enable me to get admission in a good medical college. I want to save precious lives. I would take no fee from poor and deserving people. I would treat the patients with love and kindness. As a doctor, I would love to see my patients recover very soon.

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