Morning Walk - Short English Essays for Junior Students

Morning walk essay for school level students. This is a short essay on the Morning walk. Read all these essays notes and download in PDF format. Read more English essays for High School students. Health is wealth. A morning walk real joy and health to us. 

Morning Walk Essay

Health is wealth. A sound body has a sound mind. Nature is the beauty. A morning walk offers real joy and health to us. The scene before the sunrise is very charming and attractive. To enjoy the beauty of nature and to improve my health, I get up early in the morning. I say my morning prayer. Then I go to my friend Kashif and he joins me to a morning walk. We both go to National Park. It is a huge park amidst the city. We have a walk and enjoy the cool breeze refreshing our lungs. We see the birds chirping in the trees. The dewdrops on the green grass shine like pearls. There are other men and women taking exercise. Some of them run and some just sit and enjoy nature. We have a round of the park and do jumping.

There is a lake in the middle of the park. We sit on its bank lowering our feet in the cool and fresh water. Meanwhile, the sun rose up. The reflection of the bright sun in the water looks very charming. We have some flowers and smell their fragrance. Then we come back to home. I take my breakfast and get ready for school. Then I leave home and join Kashif in the way to school. My whole day passes in a good mood.

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