1st year english poems explanation of stanzas

Here are 1st year English book 3 poems explanation notes of important poems. These are PDF notes for 1st year English poems explanation. I have enlisted important poems and stanzas and have written their explanation and reference to the context too. F.Sc and F.A part 1 students can learn these notes to get good marks in exams.

1st year English poems Explanation Notes

Below are the important poems for exams point of view and the important stanzas for an explanation from those poems.

1st year English important poems

The following poems are important according to board exams 2019
1. Loveliest of trees, the cherry now
2. The feed
3. Night Mail
4. Times
5. The hollow men
6. In the street of fruit stalls
7. Sindhi Women
8. Rubba'iyat
9. My neighbour friend breathing his last
10. Leisure

Explanation of important stanzas

1. The Rain poem explanation of Stanzas

2. Night Mail Poem Explanation

3. Lovelies of trees the cherry now explanation

4. O Where are you going

5. In the street of fruit stalls

6. A Sindhi Woman

7. Times Poem Explanation

8. Ozymandias

9. The feed

10. The Hollow men

11. Leisure

12. Rubba'iyat

13. A tale of two cities

14. My Neighbour friend breathing his last

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