A Sindhi Woman Poem Questions Answers

Below are the questions and answers notes of the poem A Sindhi Woman written by Jan Stallworthy. The Poem is about A Sindhi woman who walks in the slums of Karachi with a jar on her head. This poem is included in English Book 3 syllabus of 11th class 1st year F.A part 1 of the All Punjab Boards.

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A Sindhi Woman Poem Question Answers

Below are the Questions and answers to this poem.

The theme of the Poem

Q.1. What is the theme of the poem 'A Sindhi Woman'?
Ans: The Poem is an appreciation and admiration of a working woman of Karachi slums. Work creates rhythms on life. Work keeps a person strong and vigilant. An idle person will soon decay. This poem also portraits realistically the slums of Karachi in a few words. The poet praises a woman who is walking softly holding her head straight.

Main Idea of the Poem

Q.2. What is the main idea of the Poem A Sindhi Woman?
Ans: The main idea of the poem is that the people who are busy in their work lead a healthy and enjoyable life. They become strong and do their work skillfully. The people who are lazy and do little work face many physical problems.

Q.3. What did the poet reflect when he saw the woman?
Ans: The poet reflects that the people who learn to walk under the weight of life stand most straight. He reflects that the people who carry weight on their heads are able to walk and stand erect.

Q.4. What picture of Karachi slums do we get after reading the poem?
Ans: After reading the poem, we come to know that Karachi slums are dirty and uneven. There is garbage, broken glass, pieces of bread and other rubbish on the paths.

Q.5. What qualities of Sindhi Woman impresses the poet?
Ans: The poet is impressed by the grace of the Sindhi woman. The poet is impressed by the way she walks barefoot on unclean paths with a load on her head and then there is not a single ripple in her tread.

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