The Rain Poem Summary and Notes

Here is the summary and the short questions answers notes for the poem "The Rain" written by W.H Davies. This poem is included in 1st year English Book III in all Punjab boards. The poem "The Rain" is a beautiful piece of poetry by the poet W.H Davies.

Summary of the Poem 'The Rain'

W.H Davies is a famous English poet. He is known for his poetry about nature and hardships of the poor. The poem, The Rain, is a beautiful poem on nature and natural scene. The poem is a musical play of the rain, a great phenomenon of nature. The poem also carries symbolic meaning. The poet says that he is hearing the rainfall on the rich leaves on the top. The upper leaves get the raindrops first and quench their thirst. They are full of rain. The falling of raindrops on the tight, stiff leaves on top creates sweet music.

When the rain will stop, the sun will shine out with all of its wonderful light. This light will fill every dark drop. The drops will shine like pearls. In the end, the poet hopes that the sun will shine brightly which will make the scene lovely.

The poem is also a metaphor. The rich leaves on the top symbolize the rich people in the society who get the golden chance first and then whatever remains, pass down to the poor. The sunshine also symbolizes the prevailing prosperity and happiness. The poet wants to convey a strong message that every dark cloud has a silver lining. The poet hopes that the rain will stop and the sun will come out. Hence, the end of the poem is quite optimistic.

These lines have been taken from the poem "The Rain" written by W.H Davies.

This is a beautiful poem by W. H Davies. The poet has beautifully sketched the scene of rain. The poet is sitting beneath a tree listening to the sweet music of raindrops falling on the leaves. The poet observes that the rain first fall on the rich leaves on the top and then rainwater falls on the lower leaves drop by drop. The poet is hopeful that the rain will stop and the sun will shine brightly.

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Short Questions Notes

Q.1. How can a rainy day be enjoyed?
Ans: A rainy day can be enjoyed by listening to the sweet music which raindrops create. One can enjoy the rainy day by watching the scene of rainfall.

Q.2. What would happen when the rain stops?
Ans: When the rain stops, The sun will shine bright and a wonderful light will fill every dark drop. It will be a beautiful scene.

Q.3. What does the poet hope at the end of the poem?
Ans: The poet hopes that after the rain stops, the sun will come out. A pleasant change will occur in the environment. Everything will have a new awesome look.

Q.4. What is the theme of the poem "The Rain"?
Ans: The theme of the poem is the rain is a blessing of God. It is necessary for the plants and human being. The rain washes away the dust and the sunshine after the rain is a lovely scene.

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