In the street of the fruit stalls poem Notes

Here is the summary, the theme, questions answers notes for the poem In the Street of the Fruit Stalls written by Jan Stallworthy. The poem is in the English book 3 for 1st year students. Zahid Notes provides free notes in PDF format for the students.

Theme of the Poem

The poem is a symbolic presentation by Jan Stallworthy. The world is full of misery, war threats and poverty. All these things cannot end man's love for pleasure. The children enjoy the juicy fruits forgetting the miseries they live in. There is no limit to love for nature.


The poem presents a picture of a dark street of fruit stalls. It is evening and the poet is standing in the street of fruit stalls. The evening is cold and the fruit sellers are selling their fruits. They have beautifully piled up their fruit in conical shape. The fruit reflects colours. The fruits look like cannonballs in the dim light of the lantern.

When the children enter the lantern's orbit, the poet looks at their faces. They are happy with a coin to spend. They are contented what they have. They see melon, guava, and other fruits and their mouths begin to water. They pick up a fruit and break it open. The juice comes out and they relish every drop of it. The juice also sticks to their fingers and cheeks. They are busy in their enjoyment while the poet is standing, watching them. They do not notice the presence of the poet.

The poem delivers a thoughtful message to the reader. The poet has beautifully described the fact that joy has nothing to do with money. No one can buy joys. They are present everywhere. We just have to overlook anxieties and worries. The life becomes pleasant.

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Questions Answers

Q.1. What are the feelings of the poet standing in the dark?
Ans: The poet is feeling the inner state of the children in the street eating juicy fruits. The poet reflects that the children are a happy creature as they do not bother to worry about what is happening in the world.

Q.2. Why has the poet used 'cannonballs' to describe the fruits?
Ans: The poet has used cannon balls to describe the fruits because they look like cannonballs in the dim light of the lantern.

Q.3. What do the children do with the fruit?
Ans: They break the fruit and enjoy the taste of the fruit. They eat the fruit and its juice sticks to their fingers and cheeks.
Q.4. What is the theme of the poem 'In the Street of the Fruit stalls"?
Ans: See the Theme above in the post.

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