O where are you going poem Question answers

Here are the questions and answers notes for the poem O where are you going written by W. H. Auden. The questions notes include the summary, the theme of the poem, the moral lesson and other notes in PDF format.

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The message of O Where are you going

The theme of the poem may be described as:
The poem gives us an inspirational message that one who has the courage, can do whatever he wants. No one can stop him. There are hurdles in the journey of life. There are dangers and fears in your way. But if you do not give them much attention and keep going, you will reach your destination safely. The poet has used many symbols, similes and metaphors in this poem.

The theme of O Where are you going

The poet has told us about two imaginary persons in various conditions. One is courageless and timid while the other is brave and fearless. Through their imaginary talk, the poet has beautifully conveyed to us the message of hope and determination. The poet has an inspirational tone which motivates the readers to face the challenges of life boldly.

Questions Answers

Q.1. What does the fearer tell the farer?
Ans: The fearer tells the farer about the discomforts in the way. He tells him that there is no food and water, there is darkness everywhere in the way. In this way, he tries to scare him.

Q.2. What are the qualities of the rider as described in this poem?
Ans: The rider is a brave and courageous person. He is optimistic and daring. He is a determined and challenge-taking person.

Q.3. What is the significance of the title of the poem?
Ans: The title of the poem 'O Where are you going' gives us a message that there are always such people as will scare you of the dangers in your way. They will ask you not to go there. They will give you various negative remarks about your destination and journey. So, the title 'O Where are you going is very significant in this regard.

Q.4. What does the reader tell the rider about the valley?
Ans: The reader is a timid and negative character. He tells the rider not to go there. He tells that the valley is fatal. The furnaces burn there. There is Yonder's midden with its bad smell. He tells that the whole you see is actually a grave where will be buried.

Q.5. What does horror say to hearer?
Ans: The horror tries to scare the hearer in various ways. He says that everything is strange there. The trees are shapeless. The Angle of Death is coming behind you. He tells him that he has a shocking disease.

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