A Sindhi Woman Poem Summary

This is an excellent and brilliant level summary of the poem A Sindhi Woman by Jan Stallworthy. This poem is included in BOOK III English for 1st year class 11th in Pakistan. Although this is a short summary but is a holistic and apt summary which includes relevant quotes to make it excellent.

A Sindhi Woman Poem

The Poem 'A Sindhi Woman' is written by Jan Stallworthy. The Poem is an attribute to a working woman.


In this poem, the poet pay attribute to a working woman of Karachi, Pakistan. He appreciates the hard work and diligence of the woman. He praises her beauty, struggles against life, and determination.

The poet sees the woman who is going through bazaar bare foot. She is walking impressively and there is a rhythm in here movement that can be seen in her swaying body and floating dress. The wind pushes the cloth from her face. She has a stone jar on her head which she is carrying to her home. She walks as smoothly as the wave of a stream. The poet is impressed by her dignified tread.
Dignity has no price.
She is passing through a bad path which has stones, pieces of glass and bread and garbage. The poet is standing in Karachi slums watching her going with graceful tread on an od path. The poet feels that his own body is bent by time but she is walking straight and erect. The poet reflects that the people who face hardships and accept the challenges of life are strong and straight.
Difficult roads often lead to a beutiful destination.
The poem tells us that difficult and active lifestyle strengthen our body and we become resistant to negative development in our body. The people who do less work and sit idle becomes too weak to keep themselves straight and walk with loads on their heads.  The poet is inspired by the Sindhi Woman. 
Your life is your message to the world. Make sure it's Inspiring.
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