A Sindhi Woman Explanation All stanzas

1st year English Poem A Sindhi Woman is Explained with reference to the context here. Explanation of Poem A Sindhi Woman by Jan Stallworthy is given below. The Poem has Two Stanzas and I have explained stanza 1 and stanza 2 in this post.

Explanation of A Sindhi Woman

The poem A Sindhi Woman is an attribute to a working woman. You can also see the following posts for further details:

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Now below is give the explanation of the poem with reference to the context.


These lines have been taken from the poem A Sindhi Woman written by Jan Stallworthy.


The poet is impressed by the grace of A Sindhi Woman. She is going through the bazaar barefoot with a jar on her head. She is walking smoothly and here graceful tread impresses the poet. The poet has tried to give us a lesson that hardworking people are strong and courageous. Life should not be lived, rather it should be earned.

Stanza 1 Explanation

Barefoot, through the ............... in her tread

In this Stanza the poet describes how the Sindhi woman is walking through the bazaar. She even isn't wearing shoes in her feet. She is walking is wavy tread and is looking graceful. She is carrying a stone jar high on her head. The wind blows away her cloth from her face. She is walking smoothly and nothing can disturb her tread. Not a sing ripple can be observed in her tread. The poet wants to tell us how a woman learns to live in all type of circumstances.

Stanza 2 Explanation

Watching her cross ........... beneath a weight

In this stanza, the poet describes the environment through which the Sindhi woman is walking. The poet also describes his own feelings after watching the Sindhi woman walking barefoot through an unclean path. The poet says that he sees her straight and erect, walking barefoot through Karachi slums on a path full of garbage, crumbs and broken glass. The body of the poet is bent down with age. He cannot stand straight like the Sindhi Woman. The poet reflects that the people who learn to walk beneath a weight can stand most straight. The poet gives us a lesson that laziness and idleness can make you weak and you stoop down. you lose the power to stay straight.

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