Application to principal for arrangements of sports and games

Games and sports in school life and in college life carry great significance. Physical fitness and activeness of the students are required in order to get more educational outcomes.

Application to Principal

Now if you want to write an application to the principal of your college for this purpose, you must follow proper format and layout. The below application will show you how you will write this application.

Requesting the Principal to arrange sports and games in School

The Principal,
Lahore Grammar School,

Subject: Arrangement of games and sports in school

I am the General Secretary of Students Union of the School. I am writing this on behalf of the students that there is a lack of games and sports activities in the school. No one can deny the importance of sports and games in educational institutions. All good and well-reputed schools organize sports and games competitions among the students. As our school enjoys a good reputation in the area, it must have dedicated teams for various sports and games.

Although there is a playground of the school and a few sports periods have been allocated to the sports activities, but this is not enough to build sportsmen and organize a professional team. There is a lack of sports material like shirts, helmets, rackets, safety pads, bats, balls, etc. Many students have native potential of becoming a sports star. We request you to provide all the necessary sports items in the school and hire a sports coach and make all necessary arrangements for sports and games in the school.

We are all waiting for your response. We hope you will not disappoint us.

Yours obediently,
Ahmad Javed,
Class 10th D,
Secretary Students Union

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