1st year 2024 scheme computer science

There is much confusion and fuss on the internet about the latest and fresh and new 2024 pairing schemes of the first year, 1st year for 2024. 

It was strange as the result of the 1st year students come in September. 

So, I have to confirm whether these paring schemes were real or exaggerated. Finally I have come up with real 2024 paper schemes of 1st year.

1st year computer science pairing scheme 2024

I have completed a whole system of 2024 pairing scheme of 1st year in pdf file that is single file comprising all subjects pairing schemes 2024 for 1st year. These are for Punjab boards. 

The purpose of the this file is to provide easy and readymade access to all the scheme of 1st year so that every student and teacher will have them on his mobile phone and he can have a look at it any time he wants.

Also download 1st year computer science notes in pdf

Here in this post, the pairing scheme of only 1st year computer science is given for 2024. This scheme is both in the image to be downloaded easily and the text to be copied easily and to be shared through SMS too.

ICS Part 1 (class 11) Computer scheme 2024

1st year computer science pairing scheme 2024 punjab board

Here is the paper scheme texts:

Question No. 1 MCQs = 15(1 from chapter 4, 5, 7, 9, 10 each and 2 mcqs from chapter 1, 2, 3, 6, 8 each)

Short questions

Question No. 2 (6/9)
Chapter 1 = 3
Chapter 2 = 3
Chapter 3 = 1
Chapter 6 = 2

Question No. 3 (6/9)
Chapter 5 = 5
Chapter 8 = 2
Chapter 9 = 2

Question No. 4 (6/9)
Chapter 4 = 4
Chapter 7 = 2
Chapter 10 = 3

Long questions (Attempt ANY THREE questions from FIVE Questions)

Questions No. 5
Chapter 1

Questions No. 6
Chapter 3

Questions No. 7
Chapter 4

Questions No. 8
Chapter 5

Questions No. 9
Chapter 6 OR 7

Download Computer science paper scheme in pdf?

Here is the download option. Click on the button below to download the file in pdf. You will get pairing scheme of all subjects of class 11.

You can see that there are significant changes in the new paper scheme of computer science for 2024.

Class 11 students should follow this new paper scheme for computer science. The PDF download button is given where you can download the scheme of all subjects of class 11.

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