1st year psychology pairing scheme 2023

 Dear students, we have updated here 1st year psychology scheme for 2023 exams. The paper scheme of psychology for class 11 is made now according to the smart syllabus 2023 for 1st year psychology. FA part 1 psychology pairing scheme 2023 is given below.

1st year psychology scheme is not changed for 2023. This scheme has been approved by all boards in the Punjab.

1st year psychology pairing scheme 2023 Punjab board

The pairing scheme is valid for the following boards in Punjab:

1. Lahore board

2. Gujranwala board

3. Multan board

4. Sahiwal board

5. Rawalpindi board

6. Sargodha board

7. Faisalabad board

8. Bhawalpur board

9. DG Khan board

Now the students should read the pairing scheme and read the instructions given at the end of the pairing scheme.

The notes of 1st year psychology are not yet ready. We will publish the short questions notes for all chapter next year Insha Allah.

Class 11 Psychology pairing scheme 2023

1st year psychology pairing scheme 2023 pdf
The paper scheme is given below.

1st year psychology paper scheme 2023

Paper marks: (17+68) = 85 marks

The Objective part contains 17 MCQs and having total 17 marks.

The subjective part contains 8 questions. Questions 2 to 4 consists of short questions groups and Question 5-9 are long questions.


The MCQs are given in the paper according to the following rules:

Chapter 1       (1 MCQs)
Chapter 2 - 9  (2 MCQs each)

Short Questions

Question No. 2 (8/12)

Chapter 1: 4 short questions
Chapter 2: 4 short questions
Chapter 3: 4 short questions

Questions No. 3 (8/12)

Chapter 4: 4 short questions
Chapter 5: 4 short questions
Chapter 6: 4 short questions

Questions No. 4 (6/9)

Chapter 7: 3 short questions
Chapter 8: 3 short questions
Chapter 9: 3 short questions

Long Questions (3/5)

Question No. 5 (Chapter Ch 1 OR Ch 2)
Question No. 6 (Chapter Ch 3)
Question No. 7 (Chapter Ch 4 OR Ch 5)
Question No. 8 (Chapter Ch 6 OR Ch 7)
Question No. 9 (Chapter Ch 8 OR Ch 9)

Download the scheme below:


Important Instructions:

1. In some (or any) boards/boards, there may be a slight difference in the paper scheme. For example in questions 2-4, there may be 1 question less from any chapter and one question more from any chapter

2. The long questions will be covered according to this scheme Insha Allah

3. If you prepare long questions according to this scheme, You will be able to attempt all 3 Long questions Insha Allah

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