Pass 1st year Physics with Good Marks

First of all, let me tell you that you have to secure a combined total of 66 marks in both part 1 and part 2. You have to pass both theory and practical exams securing 33 % marks from each.  So, you have to make a total 66 marks combining both 1st year and 2nd year marks including practical and theory.

How to pass physics supplementary exams

If you want to pass physics supplementary in good marks, you are in the right place, because I am going to tell you how you can secure 60% marks with just a little effort. Here is how you will get it.

Follow the Pairing Scheme

If you look at the paper scheme, you will come to know that it is pretty easy to cover the syllabus. According to pairing scheme:

  • Chapter 1 = 1 part of long questions + 2 short questions + 2 MCQs
  • Chapter 11 = 1 part of long question + 4 short questions + 2 MCQs
  • Chapter 2 = 1 part of long question + 3 short questions + 2 MCQs
  • Chapter 3 = 1 part of long question + 4 short questions + 1 MCQs

What is the point?

The point is that if you prepare all these 4 chapters well, and do not even touch the other chapters, you can attempt a paper of 49 marks. You need 26 marks to pass in theory part. So, why is it a bad deal? The idea is given but the choice is yours.

Is it bad?

You can even look at it again. Chapter 1 will give you 9 or 11 marks. Chapter 11 will give you 13 or 15 marks. Both combined will give you 24 marks. And if you prepare chapter 3 along, you can solve a paper of 36 or 38 marks. You can surely get 26, that is needed, from this attempt.

Want to get even more marks?

If you want to get even more marks, you can also include chapter 5 for short questions only. 4 short questions and 2 MCQs will come from this chapter. So you total attempted papers will be of 59 marks. I think you can get 40 marks easily out of it. And if you prepare it well, you can get even 50 from it.

But if you want to get 1000 marks, you should read my other post on how to get 1000 marks in board exams.

How is that?

What you think it is? Is it workable? I hope you can give me your feedback so that we, together, may make it more precise and perfect.

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