1st year physics complete notes pdf download

Here are complete notes of 1st year physics in pdf free to download. The notes are for all Punjab boards and for the federal board. 1st year, which is actually 11 grade in Pakistan, is also the part one of FSc in Pakistan. You can download all physics notes for 1st year.

1st year Physics Notes PDF

These are complete notes of physics 1st year. I have uploaded the notes of many subjects of class 11 here on Zahid Notes but the thing which I missed here was all in one physics notes where MCQs, short questions, long questions and numericals could be found in a single pdf file. 

So, I found these notes exactly what I was looking for. I have recently uploaded 1st year datesheet 2023 in pdf here.

These physics notes include the following components of 1st year physics course.

1st year Physics solved exercises Notes 

Important topics for long questions from every chapter has been explained in details.

1st year physics exercise short questions notes

Exercise short questions and additional short questions given here along with apt and easy words. You can see the style and method of explaining the answers is very attractive.

1st year physics mcqs solved

Although I have already given the chapter wise MCQs of 1st year physics in a separate post. But on that page you can find the only MCQs of all chapters. This file also include important mcqs from every chapter of physics.

1st year physics numericals solved

I am planning to upload numerical in a separate file but till then, you may download this file and learn numericals.

Now before you go to download the file, I would like to tell you that these notes has originally been written by Asad Abbad from Minawali. He is a gold medalist. 

The notes has been distributed through many social media channels and are available on many websites. So, I do not take any credit for these notes. I have just shared is with you.

1st year physics notes pdf download

1st year physics notes chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3, chapter 4, chapter 5, chapter 6 etc. In short, you will find 1st year physics notes for all chapters here. Solved exercises, important short questions, and MCQs with answers are given.
11 class physics short, long, mcqs and numericals notes

Download pdf

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    Mechanics:-- Newton's laws of motion, rigid body, centre of mass, conservation of linear momentum, moment of inertia, conservation of angular momentum, Central forces, Keplers laws for planetary motion. SHM, Damped, undamped and forced Oscillations (no derivation): Equation of motion, solution, amplitude resonance, velocity resonance, quality factor.

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