How to get 1000 marks in Board class exams

Many students in matriculation and intermediate aspire to get 1000 marks in board exams. This desire is aimed at securing admission in prestigious colleges and universities in Pakistan. 

Despite having this aim, only a few of them get to achieve this. Getting 1000 marks is neither so difficult nor so easy. Yet, it can be made easy by following the strategies this article will sketch for you. It needs tips and tricks to prepare well with proper utilization of time and attempting the exams well to get 1000 marks in board exams. 

Get 1000 marks in matric and Inter in Board exams

By following the ways laid down in this article you will be exposed to a 99.9% chance of getting 1000 or almost 1000 marks.

Tips to get good marks in Board exams

tips on how to get good marks in board paper for 9th 10th

By following these tips, you can get the highest marks in federal and Punjab board exams:

1. Schedule Your Preparation

You should know that smart-work is better than hard-work. A lot of students fail to realize that they cannot achieve maximum marks in board exams by memorizing things all day. It requires tips and tricks to achieve marks and strategies to attempt the exams well. 

All you need to do in the first place is to divide your course over the available time. Prioritize the subjects and topics. 

Instead of picking the most difficult topic, first, revise the one you have already studied properly. By scheduling your preparation, you can do much even in a very short period of time.

2. Comprehend the Concepts

According to experts, students go for concepts instead of memorization perform well in exams and acquire good grades. Particularly, this is advisable for science students. 

While preparing for scientific subjects, do not just read the book content again and again to prepare. Try to understand the concepts imparted to you about each topic. In this phase, do not hesitate to consult your concerned teacher for helping you comprehend the basic idea of every topic. 

This strategy is useful in attempting any kind of question in the board exam. It is to be emphasized that this strategy is useful in general and specifically recommendable for FBISE students.

3. Memorize the Facts

During exam preparation, be sure about the distinction of concept and fact. Concepts are the main ideas that may be molded according to the question. However, facts do not change. 

This technique is really beneficial for mathematics and history. In mathematics, formulas are like facts that do not change. Once you have understood the formula, you become able to attempt any question. Similarly, in history, dates and names are facts. 

For example, Pakistan was founded on August 14, 1947. This date will never change. Therefore, it is recommended to sharpen your memory by memorizing the facts. However, always be clear about concepts and facts.

4. Use Diverse Sources

If you want to crack the board exams, do not just rely on the textbook for understanding the topics. Use multiple sources to get the required information. 

For example, if you are facing any difficulty in understanding the concept of 'ionic bond' and 'covalent bond', do not just stick to the textbook. Use the internet and other helping books to get the correct sense of these two things. 

We advise you to read notes, journals, study-guides and video lectures available on the internet. By using this strategy, nothing will be left unread on your part. At the end of the day, you will have everything to attempt the exam efficiently.

5. Take Notes

Notes taking technique is one of the best ways to retain what you have learned. In the above strategies, you are concerned with the understanding of things that usually happen a few months before board exams. 

While you learn something, do not forget to take notes. Notes are helpful in keeping a record of each and everything that you have learned. The best method to take notes is to make key-points of every topic. Taking notes allows you to recall the concepts just before the exam starts. 

For example, if you have made biology notes, you will not have to read the lengthy topics from the textbook. Instead of this, you will have a reliable summary of every topic.

6. Revise the Notes

Experts suggest that revision should be done by notes. In revision, you usually do not have enough time to go back and read the whole textbook. Therefore, in this short period of time, the most efficacious method to utilize time is to read the prepared notes. Notes not only saves your time but also gives you full insight into each topic. 

This is to say that textbooks sometimes do not provide sufficient content for understanding a topic fully. In this case, you have to refer to other sources. Whatever you get from those sources should be included in your notes. 

In this way, notes are more comprehensive and understandable for your revision than mere textbooks.

7. Consult Past Papers

Perhaps this is the strategy you hear from every successful student. But this needs to be understood more deeply to realize its importance. Many students just read past papers to know the important questions that repeat every year. 

However, this is not the only important thing to get from a past paper. A past paper is not only a record of important questions but also a source to understand how questions are asked in board exams. Past papers tell you about the way in which topics are converted into questions. 

Sometimes a very easy question is asked in the most difficult way. But a student who knows the nature of questions does not waste any time and attempt the question without hesitation correctly.

8. Attempt Past Papers

The reason why many students fail to acquire high marks despite having past papers is that they just read past papers and do not attempt those papers. Past papers are not to be read only. They are to be attempted. 

Attempting past papers is a useful technique to crack any exam. It allows you to check if you can really attempt the questions as they are asked in board exams. This also gives you the opportunity to assess your performance and remove your shortcomings. 

A person who attempts past papers does not usually feel troubled with actual exams. What is asked from in actual exam is already attempted by him previously in an almost similar way. Therefore, he is apt to attempt actual papers with greater efficiency.

9. Use Zahid Notes

Zahid e-Notes is a large-scale project intended to offer you guidance as to your study. We have everything that you need for your cracking board exams. 

From solutions to summaries to questions to helping articles, we have established a large educational database to facilitate students. 

Our particular targets are the students who are currently in matriculation or intermediate. If you have not used our services, try them once. And never forget to share it with your fellow students. 

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