How to get a position in Board Exams

This article will who you some tips on how you should prepare for your board exams to get 1st position or a position in board. You can get up to 90 percent marks if you have native talent, time and the skills to prepare for the exams focusing on position. You can easily get a position in board exams if you follow these simple tips and advice

How to get good marks in Board Exams

If you are a student of 9th class, 10th class, 1st year or 2nd year, you can follow these simple instructions to get a position in board.

Tips to get a position in Board

The academic life of every person is of great importance. The whole practical life of every individual is depend upon academic life. If a student has his splendid career, he remains successful in all the aspects. But if he fails in his academic career his whole coming life becomes troublesome.

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 It is a strong desire of every student and parent that their son /daughter has a splendid career. So that he may spend his practical life successfully. But it all depends upon the student. How much effort he does to make his career splendid.

How to get a position in board exams in one month

Here I want to tell some tips which are quite important for every student. By following these tips he/she may get a position in board.

1. Selecting of good school or academy 

If a student wants to get a position in board exam, he should get admission in a good school. Here it does not mean that schools are good or bad but I just want to clarify that all the schools are not interested in this aspect that their students get a position in board. They merely have an aim that their students may get through the exam. Therefore he should select that school where positive competition should be upheld. Where teachers have the ability to judge the qualities of the students. Then the teachers will be able to Polish the abilities of the students. In this condition, it will be easy for him to get a position in board.

2. Following the time table. 

You can even prepare your course in one week if you follow a time table If a student wants to get a position in board, he should follow the time table. His duration of studying, eating, playing, praying and even sleeping should be specified. His every action should be according to that time table. Here should be consistency in his time table. He should follow his time table in every condition. If he acts upon his time table in ten or fifteen days of a month and ignores it for the resting days of the month it would be hard for him to get a position in board.

3. Selection of books and courses. 

It is a very sensitive matter for every student to select books and course. A chance should be given to every student to select books and courses according to his attitude. If the course would be according to his taste surely he would perform well and get position in the board. Otherwise he will remain confused. There is another thing which is related to the content and the complexity of the course. Easy subjects can give you more marks.

4. Prepare every topic

If a student wants to get full marks in any exam, he must prepare all the topics clearly. During the study period, the students sometimes do selective study. They wish to skip some topics in which they are not interested. But sometimes the examiner asks questions from the topics that they have left. In this condition, they have to face difficulty in attempting that paper. They would also fail to get full marks in that subject. In this way chances of getting a position decrease.

5 Give equal importance to all the subjects

If a student wants to attain a position in board, he should give equal importance to all the subjects. It is true that in the syllabus of every class some subjects are easy and some are difficult. It is also a natural reaction that most students give special attention to difficult subjects like math, English and science subjects. They ignore Islamic study, pak study and Urdu. It is their view that these subjects are easy and they will prepare them with little effort. But when the result is announced they get full marks in difficult subjects and their number in easy subjects is low. This thing effects seriously on their position.

6. Use of technology and available stiff

In this modern age Internet is an essential part of the study. The students can get help from the Internet in their study. If a student finds any topic difficult he can concern with the Internet. He can also get relevant information about his topic. He may also be able to know about the latest trends like paper pattern, checking system and new policies of board. Here is very basic thing about the Internet is that he should just use it for positive use.

7. Handwriting and paper presentation

Handwriting and paper presentation play a very important role in any type of exam. If a student attempts his paper neat and clean surely he will get good marks in his paper. For getting good position in board handwriting and paper presentation is as necessary as air for human beings to alive. Therefore, a student should keep this factor in mind while attempting any paper. His paper should be appealing and attractive. Then he will be able to get a position in board.

8. Conceptional clarity and to the point

While giving an answer to any question the student should keep this factor in mind that he has a clear concept about this question in his mind. He should avoid unnecessary detail. The answers of all the questions should be to the point. Then his paper would be accurate. And chances of his position will be a hundred percent. Read my other post on why it is important to learn conceptually.

9. Have some definite aim and emotional urge

For getting a position in board it is necessary that the student should have any definite aim. He should have some emotional urge and attachment with his career.

10. Respect teachers and parents

 Although this topic is not relevant to the academic career of the student yet no students can get success without acting upon this advice. A good student should always be respectful to his teachers and parents. His habits should be urban and refine. If he is disobedient of his parents and teachers he would never get success.

11. Offering prayer regularly

If a student or any person wants to be successful in this world or the world hereafter, he should follow the basics teaching of Islam. It is true that Christian or non-Muslims also get a position. But being a Muslim it is our sacred belief that no one can get success without the favour of Allah Almighty. Therefore if we want to be successful in every exam we should offer prayer regularly.

To sum up I would like to say that if a student wants to get a position in board he should follow the above-mentioned aspects surely he would be blessed with success in his aim. May Allah help us in this world or in the next world. You must see the list of activities you do the day before exams.

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