How to pass 9th class English in 7 days preparation

Exams are a way to judge the abilities of the students. In Pakistan there are different types of exams are prevailing. For instance, a type of exam is held in schools, colleges, and universities. The students have to go through this type of exam for getting a promotion in the next class or to get a degree. The other type of exam is the entry test exam. 

The students have to go through this type of exam for getting admission in schools colleges or universities. The third type of exam is for getting job. The people have to pass through this type of exam for getting a good post or employment.

How to prepare for exams effectively in one week

How to pass an exam in one week preparation

Here we will talk about the preparation of exams. It is a universal truth that no one can pass any exam without proper preparation. The system of prep is already set up in all educational institutions. The students even from the first day of the class began to make preparation for their exams. 

The students spend six months or a year in making the presentation of the exam. In this way they are prepared for the exam. They become able to get good marks in the exam.

But unfortunately, if a student fails to do so, he should act upon this seven days formula he will not be able to get 80 percent marks. But surely he will pass the exam by securing 35 to 45 percent marks.

Here I want to narrate the method of passing the paper of English of 9th class in just seven days. In this age of competition, it is necessary for everyone to get more or more marks in all the subjects. But if someone failed to do so, he should at least try to pass the exam by securing passing marks. 

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It is very easy for every student to pass the paper of English. In this case, a student should do a selective study. Like other papers there two parts of the question paper of English. One is objective or the other is subjective.

The objective part of the paper is a little bit difficult or time-consuming. The student should not waste his time in the preparation of this part of the paper. He should just understand the exercises of the book. By doing so he will be able to get eleven to fifteen marks in this part of the paper.

The second part of the paper is a subjective type. This part of paper is of 56 numbers. For preparing this part of the paper the students should divide it into seven parts. He should prepare one part in one day. He should devote himself just to study. He should not involve in other time-wasting activities. YI have also written a separate post on What you should do the night before exams.

First day

You should prepare the question of the summaries of the poems. Here are just two poems in the syllabus of 9th class. This is very important and easy to attempt the question. Even a dull or weak student can prepare this question easily. You should revise this question again. you should check it after writing and point out the mistakes. In a complete day, you will easily prepare this question.

The second day 

You should select the question of letter writing. It is also an important question in English. The student should learn these letters by heart. This question is of eight marks. If you prepare this question very well the chances of passing the exam increases.

The third day

You should devote himself to the question of translation. This question is difficult because the students have to go through the whole book. But if a student prepares the few selected lessons he would be able to tackle down this question.

The fourth day

You should prepare the part of the questions and answers. You should prepare the questions of 7 or 8 lessons you will be able to clear this part of the paper.

The fifth day

You should prepare the question of active or passive voice or the question of translation of the urdu sentences into English. You should practice it again and again.

The sixth day

You should revise all the exercises of all the lessons in which sentences are also included. By doing so you will also be able to solve the objectives part of the paper.

The seventh day

You should revise all the courses again. After acting upon this seventh-day formula, any student will be able to get sixty to seventy percent marks in the paper of English.

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