The features and facilities a good school must have

Which school you will call a good school? I think you know the answer to some extent. You must be aware of what are schools meant for? We all know the functions of school and we know the quality education well. The educational quality or quality education is an outcome of various products working together: that is a school.

what things makes a school good

A school is a holy place where the minds grow. Every educated person has to spend thirteen to fourteen years of his age in school. These years of his age are of great importance. His whole coming life is dependent on this period of his age. In schools, man-making work is done. Schools not just educate the people rather perform a duty to make the students good citizens. They prepare the students educationally, morally, socially and spiritually.

Salient features of a good school

Here we will talk about the features of a good school. All the schools are very good but if a school has the following features surely it will be an ideal school. The strength of this school will be very high. It will the wish of every student that he may get admission to that school. 

1. Trained and Qualified Faculty

First of all the school should have well trained and qualified faculty. If the teachers of the school will be highly qualified and experienced they will try their best to educate the pupils. They will be able to understand the mental level of the students and try to teach them according to their mental level. Moreover, the school administration should manage the training programs for the teachers. Then the school will be an ideal school and the result will be a hundred percent. 

2. The Purposive School building

The building of the school should be splendid and vast. The atmosphere of the school should be neat and clean. Every room should be consist of basic facilities like lights, fans, and furniture, etc. It should be out of noisy areas. The noise-producing agents should be prohibited in the school building. A complete learning and peaceful atmosphere should be provided to the students. So that they may feel comfortable in school. 

3. Basic Facilities

Arrange of basic facilities in school for the is a basic feature of a good school to arrange the basic facilities in school for the students. Here should be the availability of fresh and cool water for the students. Electricity should be available in all the rooms so that the students may use it according to the weather. 

The transport facility should be available for the students so that the students who are from far places may have easy access to the school. In the same way, a good school should provide the students with the facility of the hostel. So, in any case, the students may stay there. When the student will be free from all worries then his whole concentration will be on study.

4. Parent-Teacher Coordination

Make sure a hundred percent presence of the students is also a salient feature of a good school if they will be able to achieve this goal the school surely will make progress in all the fields.

Have permanent contact with the parents of the students. The school administration should employ a parent-teacher coordinator to deal with all issues related to the parents. They should constantly inform the parents about the study progress of the students. They should arrange PTMs after a fixed time. By doing so they will be able to establish their confidence among the people. The parents will come to know about the weaknesses and shortcomings of their children. Through the cooperation of parents and teachers, the school can prove its worth in society 

5. Tests and Database Systems

Monthly test sessions. It is necessary for every school to judge the ability of the students. For this purpose, they should arrange monthly assessments. As in Pakistan, a term consists of a whole year. .The schools conduct at least three assessments in a year. The midterm assessments are also conducted by many famous schools.

The school database having the data of all the students and employees of the school is an essential feature of a good and well-managed school. The Schools keeps the records of portfolios of the students, their assessments records, their contact details, and fee and charges details. Everything is managed through a database software and reports are generated as and when required.

6. Co-Curricular Activities

Arrange the co-curriculum activities is also an essential part of the study. Because the school is not just responsible to educate the students but also prepare them as good citizens. After taking part in co-curricular activities the students will develop the qualities of true sportsmanship. In this regard, the school should arrange sports day, colors day, Iqbal day, Quaid days, etc. They should also held the competition of speeches, debates, and quizzes among the students. This will develop the self-confidence of the students. They will be able to face the challenges of the coming life.

It is also a duty of the school administration to arrange educational and informative tours for the students. When the students will visit the historical, they will come to know about the grandeur of their civilization. They will be able to have a touch with the history of their forefathers. After coming back from the visit surely the students will feel a new strength among themselves. They will star reading with new courage. 

7. Free Education Quota

A good school is not merely focused on monetary gains. Every school has a mission and vision. A good school contributes to society by giving free education to the poor and intelligent students. This is a way to serve a wider range of educational objective in the country

The provision of free education to the poor and the needy students is also the feature of a good school. In Pakistan poverty has reached a dangerous level. Many students can not get an education due to their poor economic condition. The children of such families have a strong urge to get an education but they can not do so due to their poverty. The school should be cooperative with such students. So that they may be able to get an education and lead life as good citizens.

8. Library and Labs

Arrange a library for the students is also the duty of the school administration. So that the students may not have any hurdle in their study. In this way, they will be able to have easy access to all types of books. This will also develop the habit of book reading among the students.

Science and computer labs play an important role in conceptual teaching. The practicals are far better than reading books. Science lab and a computer lab are the basics of modern teachings. Now the modern teaching methods have yielded the place of traditional teaching methods.


To sum up, the whole discussion is that the schools are not just responsible to make the students able to get a good job rather every school should try to make the students good citizens. They should also prepare in such a way that they may be successful in this world or in the next world. Then we can call that school an ideal and good school.

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