How to pass biology supplementary exams of 2nd year

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Now let me tell you how you can prepare for Biology of 2nd year in just 30 days and get 70 marks. The secret lies in the pairing scheme. If you look at the pairing scheme of biology, you will come to know that there are certain chapters that can give you maximum marks. Now if you have a compartment in biology, you can prepare it within 30 days to get more than 60 marks.

Pass 2nd year biology supply exams

1. You have to pass both theory and practical exams to clear the subject.

2. The theory paper is 85 marks (2nd year only) and you have to get 28 marks to pass the theory exams.

3. The practical part has 30 marks (part 1 and 2 combined) and you have to get 20 marks to pass the exams.

4. In case of failing to get the minimum marks required to pass the exams, you will have to appear in supplementary exams.

5. This post can also help the marks improvers.

Now we come to the real thing.

How to get good marks in Biology 2nd year

Every student wants to get good marks. But there are some factors which influence the student's performance and harm their motivation. The major of all these is the lack of guidance. The students are not aware of how to prepare and what to do 1st. Believe me, many intelligent students get supply just because they haven't the idea of how to attempt the paper. They do not prepare according to a strategy. They just try to learn the whole book without any planning and strategy. This is where the compartment comes from.

With the simple guide and planing given below, you can get up to 60 marks in biology and with just a little effort and planning. Now let us see what it is.

It is the Pairing of Biology 2nd year

Yes, you read it right. We have to see the trick in the pairing scheme. If you want to check the complete pairing scheme for biology, you can check it on 2nd year biology pairing scheme 2020. Now I will only mention here how and which chapters will benefit you more.

2nd year biology important chapters

Part 1

Chapter 15 = 1 part of long questions + 3 short questions + 2 MCQs (12 marks)

Chapter 25
= 1 part of long question + 3 short questions + 1 MCQs (11 marks)

Chapter 16
= 1 part of long question + 3 short questions + 2 MCQs (12 marks)

Chapter 20
= 1 part of long question + 3 short questions + 1 MCQs (11 marks)

Important points

Now if you prepare these 4 chapters well, 46 marks paper will come from these four chapters.  These are paired chapters; a complete long question will come from the two given chapters. It means if you just want to clear the supply exams, this is best for you. You can easily get more than 28 marks from these four chapters.

But your purpose is not just to clear supply, you should get good marks, so you should prepare for more chapters and here it is how you can get good marks in biology.

Chapter 17 = 1 part of long question + 3 short questions + 1 MCQs (11 marks)

Chapter 18
 = 0 part of long question + 3 short questions + 2 MCQs (8 marks)

See, if you prepare the two chapters given above, you can still get more than 50 marks as 65 marks paper will come from all 6 given chapters. Your half long question remains to be prepared. You can easily get more than 50 marks. The students learn the whole book and still, they are unable to get 50 marks. I advise you to study these chapters but if you are going to appear in annual exams and you have time, revise them three times. Give tests again and again. You can get 60 marks if you have good preparation.

Tip: One part of long question carries 4 marks. It means you have to write two or three pages to get 4 marks and they will not give you full 4 marks yet. You will get 3 if you write well. so It means you will get 3 marks after writing two to three pages. So in short questions, you can get 2 marks by writing just 3 to 4 lines. How is that? Many students prepare short questions only and still get more than 50 marks. So, you can follow this strategy. You can attempt 61 marks paper without attempting any single long questions. And if you have good preparation, you can get more than upto 60 marks if you have good preparation.

You can download our best notes for 2nd year biology.

Now let us calculate it again.

Chapter 15 (short +long) = 12 marks
Chapter 25 (Short + long) = 11 marks
Chapter 16 (short +long) = 12 marks
Chapter 20 (Short + long) = 11 marks
Chapter 17 (short +long) = 11 marks
Chapter 18 (Short only) = 8 marks

Part 2

Now let us see if we do only short questions:

Questions 1 (8 questions) chapter 15, 16, 23
Questions 2 (8 questions) chapter 17, 18, 22
Questions 3 (6 questions) chapter 19, 20, 21

Total short questions = 22 = 44 marks
Objective = 12 = 12 marks

So if you only prepare short questions and objectives of only 9 chapters, you can easily get 50 marks which are not bad.

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All these marks calculations are without practicals. So including practicals, you will see that you can surely get 140 marks from biology part 1 and part 2 and this number is quite decent.

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How to pass supplementary exams 2nd year

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