2nd year pak study paper scheme 2024 Punjab boards

 This is new paper scheme for 2024 all Punjab boards. 2nd year students were constantly asking to upload latest pairing scheme for 12th class pak study. Now the pairing scheme is live here on this page. You can simply save the image or copy the text to your phone.

2nd year Pak study scheme 2024

Remember that pairing scheme for 2nd year Pak study changes every year. The paper is made according to new paper scheme every year. So, this pairing scheme is for the year 2024 only. I will update this page for next year 2024 pairing scheme. This scheme is issued by Punjab board for 2nd year Mutalia Pakistan.

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While arts students look for easy and relevant material to prepare for exams. I have given here all the paper schemes for 2024 for class 12. 

2nd year Pak study paper scheme pdf

But let me tell you that the paper might be slightly different from this scheme. But all I can say is that if you follow this paper scheme, you will be able to solve complete paper.

12th class pak study Paper scheme 2024 Punjab Boards

The image is given below. You can long-press on the image to save it in your phone. OR you can simply copy the texts given below the image to save it in your phone notepad.

2nd year pak study paper scheme 2024

2nd year new Paper scheme 2024

Question No. 1: MCQs (1 from chapters 1-2, and 2 MCQs from chapter 3-6 each)

Question No. 2: (Short questions 6/9)
Chapter 1: 3
Chapter 2: 3
Chapter 3: 3

Question No. 3: (Short questions 6/9)
Chapter 4: 3
Chapter 5: 2
Chapter 6: 3
Terrorism: 1

Question No. 4:
Chapter 1 OR 2

Question No. 5:
Chapter 3 OR 4

Question No. 6:
Chapter 5 OR 6

Download the paper pattern 2024 here in pdf:

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The pairings scheme of English for class 12th has also been updated according to board pattern.

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