2nd year chemistry solved exercises short questions

Previously, I had published some notes of chemistry for 2nd year. Those notes were split pdf files for all chapters from chapter 1 to chapter 16. Now I have combined the notes in a single pdf file where you can find all chapters exercise short questions in a single pdf file.

2nd year chemistry Exercise short questions

There are many items of 2nd year chemistry like MCQs, short questions, and long questions. The numerical of selected chapters are also solved. But this page only offers you the best solution to exercise questions.

The additional short questions from every chapter are given and the students of FSc part 2, class 12 can download the notes free.

2nd year Chemistry Complete Notes pdf download

The short questions have been combined into a single pdf file made of all chapters short questions of the complete book of chemistry. If you want to download the notes for a specific chapter only, you need to see my other post of 2nd year chemistry chapterwise notes where you can find the separate pdf file for every chapter.

Here are the complete notes of 2nd year chemistry, full book notes. Download your notes in pdf by clicking the download button given below the image.

class 12 fsc part 2 chemistry exercise short questions notes


Please be patient when the file downloads. This is 33 MB HD print pdf file containing 116 pages. So it may take some time to download depending on the speed of your intenet.

You may want to download 2nd year chemistry book in pdf. You may also like to download 2nd year notes in pdf.
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