BA part 1 Sociology (imraniat) guess paper 2022

Punjab University exams 2022 are to be conducted as written and with the traditional method. The online exams were taken by PU in 2022.

The students are looking for important questions and study material to prepare for the exams. In this regard, Zahid Notes is helping the students with giving them tips and important information.

BA part 1 Sociology Guess paper 2022

This guess paper is specially created for PU traditional exams 2021 which are going to be conducted in April-May 2021. The exams will start in September 2021. You can download the date sheet of PU special exams 2021 and see when the papers are starting.

BA part 1 Imraniat Important Questions 2022

The special exams of BA part one are being scheduled. The guess paper of BA Sociology (Imraniat) is given here. 

Please note that only Long questions which are important for special exams 2022 are given here. The short questions will also be shared on this page after a few days.

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The list of all important questions of Sociology is given as an image and you can save the image. The English medium version of Guess paper is also given and Urdu medium questions are present as images.

BA part 1 sociology important questions 2022

BA part 1 Sociology Important questions in English

Below are the English version of all-important questions of Sociology for Ba part 1:

1. Definition of Sociology and its relation with economics and political science

2. Definitions of Status and Role and the relation between them and its types

3. Sope and subject matter of sociology and its application in Pakistani society

4. Social norms and their types

5. Social control, its types and methods to achieve it

6. Definition of Deviance, and its causes/factors

7. Difference between social action and interaction with examples

8. Definition of social groups and discuss its types

9. What is meant by social institutions. describe the functions of Religion and Education as institutions

10. Definitions of culture and the factors affecting it

11. Definition of personality and the factors affecting it

12. Definition f society and its types

13. Cultural changes in Pakistan and the factor behind these changes

14. Cultural differences and similarities in Pakistan

15. Write a note on the following:

Ethnocentrism,  Social solidarity,   acculturation,   Social sanctions,   functions of family,   Social values,   competition and cooperation

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