BA Part 1 English Guess paper 2024

B.A part 1 English guess paper for the year 2024 is now live. See the guess paper below and share it with your friends and students. 

For all subjects guess papers of B.A part 1 3rd year keep visiting our website. The link to all subject's guess papers 2024 for B.A is given in this post.

BA associate Degree Part 1 English Guess paper

Here are 2 guess papers for BA English. If you prepare both guess papers, you can easily get good marks in BA English. 

One guess paper has been given in pdf which you can download. It contains all previous exams important questions that can appear in 2024 exams.

The other guess paper has been given in text form which you can copy or take a screenshot to save the guess paper.

BA part 1 English guess paper 2024 for PU, UOG, BHU, Okara University

B.A Part 1 English Guess paper 2024

Below is the important contents for B.A part 1 English annual exams 2024 for Punjab University Lahore.

Download: B.A part 1 date sheet PU 2024

B.A Part 1 Important Poems for Explanation

Women Work
The Huntsman
The Solitary Reaper
Patriot into traitor
A Poison Tree
One art
Departure and Arrival

B.A Part 1 English Important Poems Questions

  • Leisure is very important poem for 2023 exams. Learn all possible questions from this poem.
  • Discuss Tartary as the product of pure imagination. (Tartary)
  • New Year Resolution (Learn all the questions of the poem. there are strong chances of a question from this poem)
  • Reactions of poet on seeing the snake (Snake)
  • The symbolism of after picking apple (After Picking the Apple)
  • Discus the Poem the Huntsman as ironic poem. (Huntsman)
  • What are the fears of Keats? (I have fears)
  • The Poem 'Patriot into Traitor' is the most important for the 2023 exams. Learn all the questions of this poem.
  • Fantacy of the opem Kubla Khan. 

B.A English Important Short Stories Questions

The Killers, elements of horror, the situation of American society
Breakfast is the most important for the 2023 exams. learn all the questions.
Discuss Araby as a fantasy story
The Tell-Tale Heart
Rappachini's Daughter, The theme of love, the lesson of the story, Role of Rappccini as father
The Duchess and the Jeweler (complete story)
Little willow the story of silent love.
The character of Ustad Mangu (representation of people of India)
Feelings of Mathilda after losing the necklace (The Necklace)

Important Plays for Questions and explanation

The Bear
The boy comes home

Important Dialogues for BA part 1

between two friends about the importance of trees
between two friends about corruption
between two friends about national unity
between traffic warden and a student about traffic rules
between two friends about rising prices (inflation)
between two friends about democracy
between father and son about fashions
between two friends about the use of social media

Important comprehension paragraphs for BA English

A comprehension paragraph will come unseen. But you can attempt comprehension questions following the rules below:

  • Read the paragraph at least three times
  • try to understand what the author wants to say (do not consider the words, consider the intention of the author)
  • Do not try to pick the answers from the paragraph as it is. Try to modify and alter some words and sentence structure while writing your answer.
  • It is better to write your own answers rather copying from the passage
  • Just answer to the point. Be specific and give the only information in the answer as was asked in the question.
  • While writing precise, just summaries the paragraph in your own words. Just pick the idea what the author wants to say, and write it in a more apt and comprehensive way.
  • The title idea for the paragraph lies in either at the start or at the end of the paragraph. Try to read the 1st and last sentence again and again to pick a suitable title.


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