BA part 2 English guess paper 2024 PU

The guess paper of BA English Part 2, or 4th year, is given here. This page may be updated a few days before the exams. 

So, it is your responsibility to visit this page 3 or 4 days before exams. So, whenever I get new content and advice from an expert, I will update this page accordingly.

BA part 2 English guess paper

BA part 2 English guess paper 2024 very important

B.A is now called Associate Degree in Arts (ADA). So, the new name for BA degree has been changed. You should search for English guess papers for an associate degree instead of B.A.

Please note that this guess paper is for Punjab University. The students of other universities like Sargodha University and the University of Gujarat or Okara University can use this guess paper on their own.

B.A Associate Degree Guess paper 2024 for PU

The following are the important things which you may consider for the 2024 exams.

Important modern essays questions

  • Liaqat Ali Khan's expectations from America
  • Why Pakistan was inevitable/ reasons of creation of Pakistan
  • Whistling of birds the theme of life and death
  • Take the Plunge complete essay is important
  • The message and theme of the essay "My Tailor"
  • The excitement of the people. (The Eclipse)
  • The element of humor in "Are the Doctors men of science"
  • Nagasaki 1945 is the most important essay for 2020. learn all the questions of this modern essay

Important topics of the novel Old man and the Sea

  • Life without fish
  • The struggle with Marline
  • The fight with sharks
  • theme of the novel
  • role of sea as living things
  • symbolism if novel
  • Hemingway's knowledge of fishing
  • Discuss the novel as irony/tragedy

BA English important Essays 2024

  • Democracy in Pakistan
  • Corruption
  • Role of Women in progress
  • Women rights in Islam
  • Uses and abuses of technology/Mobiles
  • National unity
  • Pakistan and the Modern world
  • Kashmir issue
  • Education/examination system in Pakistan
  • Elections in Pakistan
  • Energy Crisis and its solution
  • Uses and Abuses of Social media
Download Multi topic essay for BA in pdf

Important Letters for BA English

Letters to editors of the newspapers for the following issues are important:
  • traffic accidents
  • corruption
  • smoking on public places
  • street crimes
  • beggary
  • noise pollution
  • air pollution
  • Load shedding/Power outage
  • Dengue

Important idioms for BA part 2 English

a labor of love, above board, by fits and starts, bag and baggage, boast of, keep abreast of, kick the bucket, storm in the teacup, a queer fish, a laughing stock, keep the appearances, make amends, maiden speech, man of straws, man of letter, blue blood, man of parts, make amends, bury the hatchet, burn the candle at both ends, get wind of, flesh and blood, neck or nothing, smell a rat, split hair, carry the day, french leave, a stone's throw, at arm's length, at the eleventh hour, pass away, bring about, bring in, bring up, bring out, put off, put in, put up with, put aside, give in, give away, give up, come of, come down, come by, fall back, fall out, call on, breakaway, break into, break up, break down

Important corrections for BA English

The following error mistakes can help you get 6 out of 10 marks. 3 sentences shall come from these items:
  • use of correct article
  • agreement of subject and verb
  • use of degrees of adjective
  • use of 'to' not 'than' with the word ending in 'ior" i.e senior, junior, prior, etc.

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