10th class Urdu pairing scheme 2024

 Here is the latest Urdu paper scheme for class 10 2024. This Urdu paper pattern is given for those students who want to get and idea of how the Urdu paper of class 10 will come in1st annual and 2nd annual exams.

This is not the pairing scheme as the Urdu subject has only a paper scheme to show you the paper pattern of Urdu class 10.

10th class Urdu paper scheme 2024

The paper pattern is given in detail where the students can find the all parts and questions of the paper in Urdu. The table below show you the paper layout and marks scheme of Urdu paper.

10th class Urdu pairing scheme 2024

10th class Urdu paper scheme 2024 download

Here is another scheme in the table form. If you are unable to download it in PDF, you may copy the following scheme in texts format. OR just take a screenshot of this page.



اشعار/پیرا کی تشریح

short Questions


حصہ نثر





حصہ نظم





حصہ غزل





حصہ گرامر






Question No.


Q.2 (اشعار کی تشریح)

Nazam(3 out of 4)=6,  Ghazal(2 out of 3)=4

Q.3(پیرا گراف کی تشریح)

Musanif ka naam 0.5. Sabaq ka unwaan 0.5, Alfaaz Maani 4×0.5=2, Tashreeh 02

Q.4 (مختصر سوالات)

Nasar (05), Nazam (02), Ghazal (01) = (5 out of 8)

Q.5 (نثر کا خلاصہ)

Khulasa: One from 1st Half of Book Urdu 10th, One from 2nd Half of Book Urdu 10th (1 out of 2)

Q.6 مضمون))

One from 1st Half, one from 2nd Half, One from unwaanat main Se (1 out of 3) (Qawaid-o-Insha PTBB Lahore)

Q.6 تفہیم عبارت))

Tafheen Ibaarat Q’s (5Q’s or 4-Qs + 1Ibaarat ka Unwaan)

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This is scheme is for All Punjab boards like Multan board, Sahiwal Board, Lahore board, Gujranwala board, Bhawalpur board, DG Khan board, Faisalabad board and Rawalpindi board etc.

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