9th class Islamiat Lazmi guess paper pdf 2020

9th class Islamiat lazmi guess paper for all Punjab boards is published in pdf here on Zahid Notes. You can download the guess paper here. The guess paper is valid for all Punjab boards and federal board.

9th class Islamiat Compulsory guess paper 2020

Yes, this is the guess paper of Islamiat Lazmi or Compulsory for 9th class. The guess paper includes the following components.

1. 9th class Islamiat Important Ayat 2020

It means you will find all the important Ayaat of Surah Anfaal for translation. These ayats can come in board exams 2020.

2. 9th class Islmiat important Hadees

There are ten Hadith or Hadees in the 9th class Islamiat book. You have to translate the Hdith and explain is briefly in paper. So, I have marked all important ayaat of 9th class here.

3. 9th class Islamiat compulsory questions answers

The important questions answers of 9th class islamiat lazmi has been given in the guess paper so that you can prepare your test well.

4. 9th Islamic study important long questions

There are also long questions guess paper for 9th class Islamic study compulsory.
I have uploaded the guess paper here in pdf. You should download the guess paper and read it on your phone or pc. You can also take a print out of the guess paper to prepare it offline.

9th class islamiat compulsory guess paper 2020 federal board

Download PDF

You must see the following items for 9th class:

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