9th class general maths guess paper urdu medium pdf 2020

9th class guess paper for general maths is given here on this page. I have made it in pdf and you can easily download the file. All you need is to click on the given download link and the pdf file will download instantly.

9th class General Maths Guess for Arts

This is maths guess paper of 9th class for arts students. The guess paper is also in Urdu medium and English medium version is still not available. But when it is available, I will upload it here and the download link to pdf file will be given here in this page. You should download 9th class general math book in pdf

9th class maths guess Urdu Medium pdf

The pdf file is given here and the link to download is below the image. So you should download and prepare your maths paper. I have earlier written a post for 9th class students about how to get a position in board. The students of 9th class, both science and arts students, greatly benefited from my other post about how to prepare for a paper in just seven days. The post was a hit and I received a huge positive response from the readers.

Also, prepare the guess paper of 9th class general maths 2019. Many questions will also come from this guess paper.
The main purpose of the guess paper is to give an idea of important questions to the students. So, this guess paper will help you pass the exams with decent 40-50 marks. But that is not a way to get high marks in board. So, I would recommend you to prepare the complete syllabus to get high marks in board exams.

9th class general maths important questions.

Both long and short questions are given in the guess paper. So, when you download pdf, you will have a seven-pages file covering all the important questions for general math in Urdu. I would like to tell you that new book of 9th class are being converted into pdf and you will be able to download all 9th class textbook by Punjab board on this website.

9th class general maths guess paper urdu medium

Download PDF

Now if you have downloaded the file, you can see the following helpful posts for 9th class students.
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